How to use EDC and the configuration method of BSA solution?

Recently, an artificial antigen is used. The carrier protein bought is BSA. Can it be dissolved with water? The synthetic agent uses EDC. Want to know if EDC is also water -soluble, and what is the proportion of carrier protein when adding?

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  1. Two kinds of dichloropathane
    dichtchrinethane (CH3CHCL2):
    1, 2 — dichloroethane is symmetrical heterogeneous
    1, 1 — dichlori Ethylene is asymmetric isomer.
    The colorless liquid with chlorine smell. The molecular weight is 98.97, the proportion is 1.2529, the melting point is -35.3 ° C, the boiling point is 83.5 ° C, the steam pressure is 11.6OKPA (25 ° C), and the explosion limit in the air is 6.2 to 15.9. The proportion of asymmetric body is 1.174 (20/4 ° C), the melting point is -96.7 ° C, the boiling point is 57.3 ° C, and the steam pressure is 30.66kPa (25 ° C). The proportion of steam is 3.4. Both are difficult to dissolve in water and soluble in ethanol and ether. Heating and decomposition can produce light. Symmetric isomers are mainly used as solvents such as wax, fat, rubber, etc., and are also used to make chlorine chlorine and polycarbonate, and also for the fumigation of the barn and the disinfection of the soil. The asymmetric body is mainly used for chemical synthesis intermediates or its by -products, which have also been used as anesthesia.
    Tee serum protein

    erdonic leaf leaf white protein is the level of 4 of the relative molecular mass of beef serum atmospheric protein we often call, which is not necessarily It is a polymer, which measures 70,000 in some places. This is a data. It will be used when doing PCR.
    is the main component of the blood (38g/100ml), with a molecular weight of 68kd. Wait at the electric point 4.8. The nitrogen content is 16%and the sugar content is 0.08%. It contains only sugar and glycosamine, and the lipid content is only 0.2%. The albumin consists of 581 amino acid residues, of which 35 cysteine ​​composition of 17 sulfur bonds, and there is a free ribbon in the 34th position of the peptide chain. Albumin can be combined with a variety of cations, anion and other small molecules. The albumin in the blood mainly plays an osmotic pressure, pH buffer effect, carrier effect, and nutritional effect. In the non -serum culture of animal cells, adding white protein can play a role in physiological and mechanical protection and carriers.
    The serum protein solution can be used as a standard curve for measuring protein content.
    The oceanal protein that is generally purchased is a small sliced ​​milky white powder.

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