Why can't I find ekt.gz8808.cn in the address bar

u003Cp> I first search directly on Baidu. Later, after consulting, I directly searched in the address bar, but still, I can't display the webpage. Why, how can I find the recharge website of Guizhou Digital E cartoon u003C/p>

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  1. EKT.GZ8808/YKT/Default.asp The first step: After opening the webpage, first find the name of the game you need, such as "Blood Legend"; Step 2: After clicking the game name, you will see all the products related to the game, According to the face value you need, select the corresponding product for replacement; the third step: After entering the replacement page, first see the type of card type supported by the product, confirm that the card held in the hand is within the allowable range; the fourth Step 4 : Based on the card number and password input of a card held in your hand, if the amount of cards held in your hand is not replaced, you can click "More Card" to achieve multiple purchases together; the fifth step: choose to buy the quantity, if you change the purchase, it is the one who is replaced, if you change the purchase, it is the one who is replaced. Online cards, you also need to enter the recharge information such as recharge user names (do not enter the wrong) to complete all information input confirmation and purchase. Step of seven: After the purchase is successful, you will see the corresponding order detailed. If it is online recharge, the corresponding recharge state will be displayed. Inquiries, you can click "Query usage" on the homepage of a cartoon or "card inquiry" on the head; Step 9: Enter the card density and additional code of the card to query; step 10: you can see it in the card status query page. You can see it. The usage of a card, including facial value, balance, transaction, and transfer card records; step 11: If there is still balance in the card, you can transfer it to other cards, click on the "one card balance on one card on the first card homepage, The "balance turn" of the turn or the head; One card, you can click "More Card" for operation.追问: 可是,我根本无法打开,每次,都是无法显示页面,是不是网络问题,我询问相关人员,说的是,网站正在维护,叫我让后再试,你看看,你能不能Open it, please add me, continue to inquire and answer: I can open it, turn off the firewall, and then try

    Troubled admission, thank you!

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