3 thoughts on “Where is the pet dog market in Hangzhou? Is it reliable?”

  1. Dear, there are still many pet markets in Hangzhou. For specific, you can open the map to see, but you need to understand dogs before buying dogs, otherwise you will buy high -priced dogs by pet traffickers. Knowing the dog, but he wanted to buy the Bagu dog he liked, so he watched it everywhere in Hangzhou, but he was pitted 1300 yuan. I sent this Bagu dog and bought it to 2,300 yuan. Later, my friend Kobayashi knew that I bought a small Bagu dog and showed me a video. The video name was: Hangzhou low -cost pet tutorial. After I watched it, I found that I was really fooled, and I bought this Bagu dog for only 1,000 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy a dog in Hangzhou, you must watch this video. Don't send it as small as me, only 1,000 yuan, but buy it to 2,300 yuan. I hope this answer can help you, not polite.

  2. Where is the pet dog market in Hangzhou? Is it reliable? There is a pet market over Qianjiang New City. If it is reliable, if the price is still expensive

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