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  1. The foreign country does not use pork as the raw material. The raw materials may not be related
    The problem of whether dogs can eat pork. There is no enzyme that can digest pork in the dog's body. The fat balls are too large, which may block the dog's microvascular. I haven't seen pork as raw materials in pet food. However, the owner who had fed dog pork also said that feeding pork did not have any impact on the dog.
    First of all, pork is the same as beef, lamb, chicken, duck meat, etc. The knowledge provides dogs with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Generally, no special digestive enzymes are needed. And the owner of pork should also be clear that after eating pork, the dog will not have any indigestion problems, unless the feeding amount is too large.
    I also said that pork is unsanitary and the possibility of parasites. In fact, there are some ridiculous sayings. Generally speaking, most of our ways to buy pork are purchased directly from the vegetable market, and these pork that sells for sale is quarantine. Even we will eat these pork with confidence. Not to mention dogs. As for the problem of parasites, we don't have to worry about it. Whether it is beef or some other meats, we cannot ensure that these meats do not have a little parasitic. Moreover, when we eat pork, they are cooked and eaten, so we don't need to worry about this problem. Of course, dogs are also recommended to feed cooked meat to ensure that they will not be threatened by parasites.

    In occasion, you can also feed dogs cooked pork to improve the taste, but pay attention to cleaning the oral cavity
    . As for most dog food, we did not see the shadow of pork, not to say that we ca n’t we ca n’t Feeding pork to dogs has a certain connection with the regions of many countries. The United States is a relatively developed dog -raising country, but most of the United States is mainly consumption of chicken, duck, fish, beef and mutton. There are not many owners who raise pork. Relatively speaking, the remaining corners of pork or livestock ingredients are the total. The amount will be relatively small. Pet foods mostly use raw materials that humans cannot consume, so pig -derived ingredients in pet foods will be relatively small. Therefore, the reason why pork rarely appears in dog food abroad is not because it is unhealthy, but it is relatively small itself. It is much larger than the pork industry in China in the United States. Majors are one of the raw materials for dog food.
    It the average protein of pork is only 13.2%, which is almost the end of the average meat of all meat, while the fat is as high as 37%, ranking first of all meat. To get higher protein content, it is easier to achieve the goal through other high protein content to achieve the goal. Because of this, pork is not the main source of protein in pet food. However, there are two sides of everything. Although the protein content of pork is not much, the content of vitamin B1 is several times that of other meats.
    It this knows that dogs are not ca n’t eat pork, but from the perspective of certain nutrients, pork is not very suitable for raw materials for dog food. Of course, if dogs occasionally do not want to eat dog food, we can also use white water to cook cooked pork to adjust the taste of the dog, but it is generally not recommended to feed more.

  2. The definition of pets comes from the spirituality of pets. People love animals. There is no dime relationship with the food.

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