1 thought on “How to sentence the pet dog”

  1. Legal analysis: It depends on how much pet dog is worth it. If it is a breed, it may be sentenced to more than 1,000 yuan. If a pet dog reaches a certain amount, it is dealt with in accordance with the crime of theft, and is sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of three years, and a penalty or single fine. The fine; the amount is particularly huge or other particularly severe cases, and the imprisonment of more than ten years or life imprisonment is punished, and the fines are punished or the property is confiscated.
    The legal basis: Article 2604 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, theft of public and private property, a large amount, or multiple theft, theft of households, the theft of weapons, and picker. The imprisonment, detention or control, and a fine or single fine; if there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and the fines will be punished. The above imprisonment or life imprisonment is punished or offered or confiscated property.

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