Who has experience to make a dog cage?

I want to make a cage for my dog, which can probably grow as large as golden retriever. How to do it with wood?

2 thoughts on “Who has experience to make a dog cage?”

  1. First of all, it is called a dog nest or dog house with wood. Treatment, it is not recommended to use it if it is thin, a bit thin. If there is no material at hand, you can purchase anti -corrosion wood sauna. I have a set of drawings, but it is used by the side of the pasture. Big, send it to you for your reference

  2. You'd better go out to buy one, because the dog you made may not be comfortable to sleep. If you have to do a small piece of the wooden-like band-shaped, it is probably the height of the dog usually walks slightly 3-5 cm. Just, take out a hole, about 15 cm, (dogs can enter and exit freely), dig out a shape of about 5 cm (if you like what shape you like), make windows

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