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  1. In the usual study, work, or life, when it comes to composition, everyone must be familiar with it. With the help of composition, you can vent your emotions and regulate your mood. I believe that many people will find it difficult to write. Here are 6 essays of the sixth grade wishes I organize. Welcome to read and collect.
    The composition of the sixth grade wish 1 Everyone has their own wishes and their dreams. Some wishes are painters, some wishes are doctors, some wishes are teachers, etc., and my wish is to be a scientist.
    Waiting for me to become a successful scientist, I want to invented a miniature nano robot. This kind of robot can see clearly with the help of a microscope. You can use the infusion tube to allow them to enter human or animals for sterilization. Even super bacteria cannot be spared. By then, rabies and cancer are no longer terminal. People can live healthily.
    I also invented a high -tech cross -sea bridge. This bridge is connected to the United States from China. Some people will ask: The distance between China and the United States is far away. It takes at least a few weeks to get back and forth! In fact, we have installed a space jumping device, which can span the time and span the space. But some people asked again: Since you can jump in space, what else do you have to cross the sea? Ha ha! Is this question? Just check it online or read more science and technology books. It turns out that because of this space jumping device, there is a distance restriction every time you jump, and you can only jump a thousand kilometers each time, that is to say, to do a few more times, so you always have to find a parking spot every time you jump! Although the space jump device is generated by nuclear energy, if something happens, the people in that car will have to feed sharks or killer whales! At that time, it may be a meal to go to the United States. The time for saving people can enjoy life.
    I also invented a filter. It can not only filter the dust, nitric oxide and other harmful substances in the air, but also filter the seawater into fresh water, and the cost is very low, and the price is cheap. This can solve the problem of drinking water in poor water countries. I think: at that time, human life was beautiful: green trees, fresh air, humid climate, and human life happily.
    This is my wish: as a scientist who has a more advanced scientific and technological products, benefit human beings, and contribute to the society.
    The composition of the sixth grade wishes 2 My 20XX has many wishes, I do n’t know if it can be achieved.
    of course, the first desire is to want to learn progress in yourself, and you can get a prize in the final exam. The next semester will be the graduation season, and I hope that I can get good results through my own efforts to take care of the exams.
    In this year to strive to learn all the four swimming positions, and it is necessary to swim faster; and you can lose weight by 5 pounds by swimming. I am getting fat now, and when I grow up, I don't want to have a figure like Mr. Zhang.
    I I and several good classmates in the class form a "running action group". Last year we walked from the city to the countryside, and I felt good to experience it this year.
    The New Year's money must be available, and it should be available. I want to buy my favorite book to expand my knowledge. You can also buy Barrett, sniper rifle and other toys you love. I want a large unmanned aircraft that can be monitored. correct! You can use the happy point of the game card to redeem!
    I also want to go to the Shanghai Disneyland again. This time, let Dad buy me a fast pass, so that you can play more projects and experience the fun of playing! In addition, I want to make our pet dogs give birth to a few puppies, and the puppy cubs will definitely be as cute and sensible as it. I can send a friend who gives me.
    has a lot of wishes in the New Year, and countless things like the stars in the sky. The above is the wish I want to realize. I want to achieve through my own efforts and the help of others!
    The composition of the sixth grade wishes 3 My grandfather is 71 years old. He lives in a small county named Lianshui. He has particularly liked music since he was a child. , I ca n’t even eat meals. How can I buy erhu? However, Grandpa has never given up before and has always wanted to work hard to achieve this wish.
    Remember that in the fourth -grade winter vacation, I returned to my hometown Lianshui. Before I entered the hospital, I faintly heard the erhu, calm and slightly angry, excited and sorrowful. I couldn't wait to push away the half -hidden courtyard door, shouting loudly: "Grandpa, Grandpa!" I rushed into the room with excitement.
    I only saw Grandpa sitting on a wooden chair, holding the erhu as a smile on me! There are also two gray -haired grandpa and a uncle who is fiddling with Sanxian. Grandpa said to me with a smile: "Come, listen to the" A flower "of our ensemble." "Um." I nodded hard.
    The long passing door sounded, as if a vivid ink and ink sound painting was launched: like a mountain spring winding from the valley, slowly flowing. Suddenly, a bird cry broke the tranquility of the valley. For a while, everything woke up, and the music began! Grandpa pulled it and was intoxicated in the sound of the piano. There was also a beautiful picture in front of my eyes: in a peach red willow and green place, Huang Yan screamed happily in the branches, the clear little river. There are countless silver fish swimming, watch! The naughty fish actually got out of the water! On a towering tree not far away, two furry little squirrels are rushing to a pine cones! The trees are full of colorful flowers, bright red, so beautiful! One of them is the most gorgeous, hot red, bright and bright, giving people a temptation that is difficult to get rid of -I can't help but take it off.
    Mevy carefully wiped the strings with a cloth, as if holding a newborn baby in his hand. Wiping the bow from beginning to end with the emerald, and Grandpa gently put it in the box.
    Grandpa said to the uncle who played Sanxian: "I have a wish since I was a child, and I can learn to pull Erhu. It seems that this wish has been realized. Now my biggest wish is that my grandson can pull a good man." He glanced at me with meaning. I feel that the seed of a wish is born and germinated in my heart. Grandpa, rest assured, I will definitely realize your wish.
    The composition of the sixth grade wishes 4 has a wish since I was a child, creating wealth with my own hands, and then buying what I like, and doing what I like. Since sensible, I have been realizing my wish.
    In as a child, I learned the story of Edison's invention since childhood. When I went home, I immediately started a small invention. When I took the soda I prepared to sell it on the street, no one asked. I lost a big book, but my mother told me a way to make money -thinking about what help others need.
    In my mother's understanding, I finally knew why my "entrepreneurial" failed. It turned out that people rarely need soda in winter. So, what help do people need? How can I accumulate my little wealth from it?
    That day, I got up early, and my mother saw me, so I asked me to throw the garbage bag. I carried the garbage bag and opened the door, and the cold wind drilled directly through my neck. I couldn't help but speed up the pace. After throwing the garbage bag, I quickly retreated. In the process of retreat, my light flashed: the weather was so cold, and people threw a garbage bag must not want to go out like me, so why not throw a garbage bag for them!
    So I told them my thoughts from house to house. Many people agreed and promised to give me ten yuan a month. Suddenly, I had a dozen households. After a month, I finally had my own income. Use your own money to buy thick gloves for your parents and buy a small plush toy for yourself.
    has the first successful income, and I gradually discovered the way of "making money". Sometimes I help others get newspapers, sometimes to submit it by myself, and sometimes help people watch children. I bought what I like, I did what I like, my wish, every day is being realized.
    The composition 5 of the sixth grade wishes 5 wandered in the air in a quiet night. who is she? It turned out that she was a princess adopted by the Jade Emperor, named: Princess Yashu, alias: Qingxian'er.
    Il may you ask, why did Yashu become a star? It turned out that Yashu came to a Grand Canyon a day, and met a large stone. The human figure appeared faintly in the middle. Yashu was startled and asked, "Miss, who are you?" It turned out that the person was sleeping in a deep sleep. Jiu Bingai Yuyu girl. Yashu thought of who she was, rushing into Bingai's arms, shouting, "Mother, mother!" In fact, Bingai is Yashu's mother.
    Because she violated the rules, she saved a girl named Fujin Feng, rescued her from the snow, and was locked in the Grand Canyon. It wasn't until her daughter came there that she could be liberated. But her daughter is going to become a star. Replace her, spend 10,000 years. As soon as Bing Ai was anxious, she was worried that her daughter would become a star, so she let her daughter leave immediately. Of course, Yashu didn't understand what it meant, and insisted on refusing to leave. Finally, the Jade Emperor discovered. The scene just now appears.
    The Yashu now has become mature. She has been a star for many years. Whenever she has a war, her heart will cry, and she will pray silently:
    "Please let people not fight again, so how many children will be homeless. Go back! "People, have you heard Yashu's prayer, the answer must be: No!
    The children in many areas can not return to campus, without clothes, how poor they or she! Can this wish of the stars be realized? This depends on the joint efforts of the earth! Do you say it?
    The composition of the sixth grade wishes is 6 twelve years old. This is an age full of wishes. I think everyone must have many beautiful wishes, and my wish is to be a glorious people's teacher.
    Ten years later, I will become a glorious people's teacher. Standing in front of the sacred podium, facing the innocent and lively children, open the book, and introduce them to the ocean of knowledge. Sometimes, I bring them to the field, where the crops are lush and the grain fragrance; sometimes, I take them to the factory, where the steel flowers splash, and the motor is bombarded ... Maybe, some naughty children dropped the team on the road to move forward, me Let them tell them some heroes, tell the responsibility of red scarves, and tell the hope of the motherland, so that they can hear it. When they improve, how happy I should be in the class! I am like a diligent gardener that carefully cultivated the seedlings of the motherland and let them grow up in the sun. I want to dedicate all my efforts to naive and lively children, and to the people's education.
    What seedlings that have been cultivated by my own hands have grown up and became the talents of building the motherland. Some of them held steel guns to defend the frontiers of the motherland; In the blue sky; some, like me, become a glorious people's teacher, carefully cultivating the flowers of the motherland ... Whenever I think of the future scene, I will feel extremely happy and proud.
    Now I have to study hard and work hard to achieve this wish! come on!

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