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  1. Many people are asking the questions about pet marten to raise, how long is pet marten life, etc., the following is how good the pet mink I organized is good or not, welcome to read.
    What foods do pet mines eat
    Pet marten to eat high -quality mink food will make the marten develop strongly. If you can't find dry food specially for mink, you can replace it with high -quality kitten livestock materials instead However, the nutrition that cats and minks want are different, so kittens or cat food can not fully meet the dietary requirements of mink. The structure of the pet mink digestive system is completely different from cats and dogs. Their digestive tract is very short. For this reason, the owner must not let them eat cat or dog food for a long time.
    This marten is generally weaned at about 4 weeks, which is about one month. Pet mink is a pure meat animal. In its staple food, the proportion of meat should account for more than 90%, and it must be fresh and not corrupted. Due to people's love for mink, their dedicated mink grains have been developed very early, which not only ensure the nutrition of their physical development, but also gain their love, which is extremely appetite for their appetite. In addition, it is also critical to provide them with clean water sources that can be consumed at any time. You must not ignore it!
    How is the life of pet mink?
    The pet mink life is 10-12 years. It is said that the longest is the longest. It can reach 15 years, because the pet marten is relatively short, so it is strongly recommended to feed specialized mink food.
    Pet mink life is the same as cats and dogs, and can accompany the owner for more than ten years. The young mink is naughty and lively, and it is active. After the age of 5, they will start to become quiet. But Wen Jing still likes to play with the owner, and will ask the owner more care. They climb on your knees while you watch TV, let you touch their belly and sleep.
    Pet people also say that pet mink lives average 6 to 10 years, while others can live longer. Pet minks need to inject canine plague and rabies vaccine every year, and regularly watch veterinary. In some areas where mosquitoes are rampant, dog wicked disease needs to pay special attention. Other common problems such as intestinal obstruction (caused by eating foreign bodies or wool balls), kidney disease (cause itching or alopecia areata), islet tumors and other intestinal diseases. Pet minks will also get human `colds and cats and dog fleas. When it is six months old, mink should be given breeding surgery to avoid health and appreciation.
    The common pet minks in China are mainly introduced Ango pet marten from Denmark, as well as Marxel pet marten from the United States, but due to the small amount, the market share is quite low. These pet mink lives are also between 8-12 years.
    Hashi to pay attention to pet marten?
    1. The structure of the pet mink digestive system is completely different from cats and dogs. Their digestive tract is very short. For this reason, the number of toilets is frequent; and the owner Never let them eat cat or dog food for a long time.
    2. The monthly spending of more than 100 yuan for breeding pet mink. Pet mink is a carnivorous animal. Steamed bun rice can not send them. Eating mink food, bathing supplies, etc., spend a month of 120 to 150 yuan.
    3. The minks are well memory and love clean, so when they were young, they were concentrated in training. They used the toilet tray for mink and installed mink sand. It is not difficult to achieve the effect you want.
    4. Young pet marten is naughty and lively. The Angru mink can be domesticated, and IQ is higher than cats and dogs. High difficulty, such as rolling around the ground.
    5. Angru mink likes cleaning like a cat. He likes to curl up his body to sleep, smart and clever. At the same time, it is as close as a dog and likes to run with the owner eastward, especially it is curious about everything, not disadvantage or depression, and explores the spirit, adding endless fun to the owner's life.
    6. Pet mink should be immune between 8 weeks and 12 weeks after birth. In accordance with relevant national regulations and the principles of animal protection, mink should receive at least rabies vaccine immunity. If you want to be healthier, it is also a good way to accept small dogs and dog temperature vaccines. After that, it should be immune every year to ensure the immune level of Diao'er's body.
    7. Pet mink should not eat milk, chocolate, plant and raw meat.
    8. Since the time of the food is only 23 hours through the mink, it is recommended to divide the feed into the early and evening feeding according to the principle of a small amount of meals. The amount of young marten eats less each time, so it will be better in 5-8 times. Due to the lack of teeth and gastrointestinal development, the young marten, which is less than half a year old, is best not to feed dry food. You can soak the feed with water before feeding, so that nutrition can be better absorbed.
    9. Pet mink belongs to a polar animal, which is more cold -resistant, but there is no sweat glands and poor heat resistance. To this day, they are still sensitive to heat. Generally speaking, 25 degrees Celsius is a cozy temperature, and the maximum temperature cannot exceed 30 degrees Celsius. High temperature may cause their heat stroke, thermal failure, and even death. The owners should pay attention to trying to avoid placing the cage or nest of the mink or the nest where the air outlet or the sun can be directly shot, and do not place near the air conditioner or heater. The appropriate humidity should be maintained at 50%to 70%for Diaoer.

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