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  1. The belly of the whole day always feels big, which may be that dogs are infected with parasites in the body! Once the dog is invaded by parasites, if you do not kill insects seriously, there is still a risk of life.
    The most common parasites of dogs are tapeworms. In addition to dysplasia, puppies also have symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and flatulence. Therefore, it is best to start deworming at about one month after birth.

  2. The dog's belly swelling mainly has the following situations. First, the diet is too much. It is difficult to digest the food in the intestine. It can give the dog for a day and give the dog to digest it with warm water and appropriate probiotics. Second, eat more soy foods, and beans are prone to various gases when they are decomposed by bacteria in the intestine, leading to flatulence. Third, it may be caused by certain diseases, such as parasites, ascites, abdominal flatulence, and abdominal tumors. This is more serious and it will make the dog's belly larger. In addition, more severe kidney disease and liver disease will also cause the dog's belly to become larger. Of course, while the dog is sick, in addition to the larger belly, there will be other diseases. Such as mental slump, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, and so on. When a pet dog has similar diseases, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time, and must not be delayed.

  3. First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the dog's stomach, and then treat it symptomatically. First, the dogs are too much or too mixed with food or food. Fasting for a day, and giving sufficient drinking water, an appropriate amount of nutrition cream and probiotics. Second, some diseases such as parasites, ascites, tumors, etc. can also cause the dog's stomach to bloated. It is best to take a dog to the hospital to check to determine the cause.

  4. 1. The dog's stomach is swollen a lot. It may be that it is easy to expand food. At this time, you can feed it some probiotics to promote digestion. Diseases such as ascites may also be the cause of a dog's belly. Pay attention to observe whether there are other abnormal symptoms.

    2. When the dog eats a lot of easy -to -swelling foods, such as beans, its belly will suddenly swell. At this time, pay attention to adjusting the diet, then feed some digestive probiotics, slowly dog The dog's belly can return to normal.

    3, parasites can also cause the dog's belly to swell, so it is found that the dog's belly is large and you need to consider it infected with the parasite. Worm drugs. When a dog is infected with parasites, it will also have a big stomach. At this time, it needs to be deworming.

    4, the dog's stomach is very large, it may also be related to some diseases, such as ascites and kidney disease. If the dog has a bad eating and drinking and mental mentality, it is best to take it to check for a checkup. Essence

    5. Sometimes it is because of staying in the dog's intestine, and the dog's belly will be hard and bulging, so the owner wants to help the dogs to lift up, otherwise the stay is stranded in the dog The harm in the intestinal tract is very large, so try to take measures.

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