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  1. The treatment method of pet dog minor disease can be used in the following methods: 1. Strictly control the diet after the disease, fasting water, and prevent dehydration through infusion and other methods. Due to the gastrointestinal disorders of the diseased dog at this time, the function is stopped, and feeding can only increase the burden, resulting in serious the disease.
    2, you need to go to the pet hospital for infusion treatment every day. Pay attention to keep the dog warm!
    3, during this period, the dog basically had no spirit and lethargic. It belongs to normal phenomenon in treatment.
    4 is a mild disease dog, and symptomatic therapy and support therapy should be taken. Use physiological saline to replenish, use sodium bicarbonate liquid to prevent acid poisoning, and use antibiotics to prevent secondary infections. It can also be treated with a small virus anti -blood virus for treatment. Each dog's subcutaneous or muscle injection is 5-10 ml, once or every other day, 3 times in a row.
    5, pay attention to sanitary disinfection within the scope of common activities of dog nest and dogs, and specifically disinfect the viral disinfection, the hospital should have it.
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