5 thoughts on “Can cats bite it?”

  1. The cats are getting more and more bite, and they ca n’t be random. The kittens have the habit of bite people. Just wait for it. If you are really not good, you can’t get ahead, you can gently spanking

  2. Kitten: Baba said that the cats who bite people cannot fight, they can only be educated. I take this education method

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  3. Cats are best not to fight.
    This is a living animal. Natural nature is that whenever you encounter an animals or similar types, the first reaction is to quickly escape the scene. Therefore, when a cat makes a mistake and the owner hit it, it will only fight back, and it will escape if it can't be hit. In the future, they will hide from you. Some cats may still run away from home.
    Cats, belonging to the family of cats, separated cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats in ancient Egypt. Persian Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years.

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