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  1. The reason why cats go to people are: expressing their possessiveness and good ways to show your goodwill, the habit of developing in good faith, the habit of developing in daily life, and coquettishness to you may be sick.
    1. Express your possessiveness of your possessive
    This cats are very possessive. As long as it is something or person, it will find ways to occupy. Cats like to use your body to pinch you. In fact, you want to leave the smell that belongs to it on you. This is the way to declare sovereignty. It does not want other animals to stab you. So cats like to use your body to use your body to express your possessiveness for you. This shows that cats love you very much, so it wants to occupy you.

    2, a good way, expressing goodwill
    Cat is a very vigilant animal. If it does not trust you and does not like you, it will never get close to you Essence They can only hide, for fear that you will hurt it. If the cat takes the initiative to approach you, and even leave its smell on you, it means that it has put down the alert to you and it has accepted you. It takes the initiative to use your body to pinch you, in fact, it is a way to show you good and express kindness.

    3, the habit of developing in daily life
    This may be a habit of developing in life. For example, if you wake up every time you wake up, you will feed the cat. After a period of time, the cat will develop this biological clock. If you sleep lazy one day, the cat will jump to your bed, wake you up, and let you feed it.

    . The cat likes to use the body to use the body to be the owner. In fact, it is likely that the cat is in the process of getting along with the owner, because of some hints of the owner, and it has developed this habit. For example, every time it stabs you, you will be very happy.
    4, coquettish for you
    Cats are natural and petite, and there are many ways to coquetize the owner. Sometimes the cats screaming "pitifully", while using the body and head to pinch your feet back and forth, or lie directly on your feet, rubbing back and forth around the world, this is actually coquettish. If you want you to hug, or ask you snacks.

    5. It may be sick
    The cats are smart. Although it does not speak, it will remind the owner in some body language when it needs the owner. If the cat stabs you with his body, and then lying weakly next to you, and even a painful moan, it may be telling you that it is sick. The pet owner is best to help it check the body in time. Once you find abnormalities, you must take it to the hospital for treatment immediately to avoid the situation more and more serious.

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