Should people kill a street in the Guangxi market. Should people prey on the behavior of kittens?

5 thoughts on “Should people kill a street in the Guangxi market. Should people prey on the behavior of kittens?”

  1. I don't think it should be a natural law. As a human, you can choose not to eat, but you have no right to ask others to not eat it.
    It is like I don't eat dog meat, but I will not stop others from eating dog meat.
    It long time for cats and dogs to be domesticated by humans, it is not long for human beings as family members.
    It is a very common thing to eat cats and dogs in some specific areas, which can be said to be the local custom of others. If you do n’t allow others to eat because you do n’t like it, it ’s too selfish.
    Buita, the pet is completely based on human preferences. Although cats and dogs are more common, they cannot deny that some people will raise chickens, ducks, goes, sheep, pigs. According to this logic, can these people feeding chickens, ducks, geese raising pigs be required to not be allowed to eat these animals? After all, your pet is a pet, isn't someone else's pet a pet?
    It can't be that your pet is your own good partner, so others cannot eat the same kind of your pet. And other people's pets may be relatively rare, but it does not mean that people do not love their pets.
    The people who raised Xiaoxiang pigs seemed to have never thought about prohibiting other people from eating pork. Pushing others, those who use cats and dogs as pets should they also learn from those who raise small incense pigs. Don't impose your personal preferences to others.
    In after all, from a legal perspective, you have no right to ask others not to do anything. What they do are reasonable and legal, so they should not be blamed.
    If you can't get used to the behavior of others, then please shut up. You can choose to walk away or not, but you can't choose to hinder others. You don't have this right, even if you say 10,000 principles, but essentially you don't have any truth.
    Although some people say that all beings are equal, in fact all beings are unequal.
    Buidians, those who have been holding on to protect kittens and puppies are not real compassion. They just want to use their own opinions to restrain others.
    If they are really as kind as they show, then they should have been vegetarian long ago, and should always protect all creatures and actively help others, instead of just playing here.
    Needless to say anything else, if it is a cold -blooded animal they are particularly afraid of, such as lizard toads, may they still shout to protect animals?
    I'm afraid they are screaming than anyone else, and you can't wait to kill these things that make them feel scared immediately.

  2. I think it should be prohibited. Kitten puppies are usually raised as pets. Rarely people eat cat meat. There are already a lot of meat for us to eat, so don't be greedy anymore.

  3. It should be prohibited, because small animals also have life, they are also very spiritual, so they should not be so cruel.

  4. What should be, this small animal is also a life, so it should also be valued by people, and now it is not allowed to slaughter animals at will.

  5. Of course, cats and dogs should be prohibited from friends of human beings. They are so cute, good, and friendly, and those who are friendly.

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