1 thought on “Where can I sell cats?”

  1. Pet shop.
    Pet shops: Now the choice of most people is that the variety is complete, and the place is easy to find. Now there are people who specialize in such shops in almost every region, but there are many disadvantages. All cats in the store are put together, so customers can compare arbitrarily and then choose their favorite, but the price has always been a big problem.
    If attention to cats
    The people must train kittens from an early age. You can prepare a basin for the kitten in the home, decorate the soil in the pot, and often call kittens when you urinate. I will go to the basin by myself. This exercise is necessary, otherwise it will be troublesome.
    Is when we feed the kittens, we must also pay attention to the health of the kitten, so our pet kitten must also have the tableware for ourselves. I must have love and concern for pets. You can raise pets.

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