1 thought on “How to raise a rural cat”

  1. Whether it is a variety of cats or pastoral cats, if you want to raise a cat, you must pay attention to these places.
    It every day to ensure that cats have fresh drinking water and prepare a few more water bowls. Don't feel that the cat doesn't preparation if you don't like to drink water.
    Remember to shovel shit every day to ensure the clean of cat sand pots. Otherwise, the cat feels too dirty and will go to the toilet elsewhere.
    The food or canned food in time in time. Adjust the daily feeding of cats and cat food according to the age of cats.
    The window of the house should be sealed, be careful of the cat to scratch the screen window, and then get out.
    This pay attention to hygiene, the cat's bath does not need to be particularly diligent, just once a month.
    sm do not shave cats. They live indoors. As long as they stay in a cool place, they will not be particularly hot. If shaving, it will cause skin problems.

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