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  1. The skills of raising a orange cat are: First, you can regularly feed some nutritious foods such as canned food, meat, and orange cats with cat food for a long time are more prone to fat. Second, you can feed some rice and fish soup appropriately. Third, help it to brush its teeth after meals to prevent oral problems.
    The skills of raising orange cats
    Prading cat greedy is easy to get fat. Do not feed it for cat food for a long time. In addition to cat food, you can also feed orange cats to eat frozen -dried, canned foods, meat and other nutritious foods.

    The orange cat is not very picky, the owner can raise it according to his own economic conditions. If you don't want to feed cat food often, you can usually feed some rice and fish soup appropriately. I love cleanliness, but I can't clean my teeth by myself. Orange cats that have not brushed their teeth for a long time are prone to oral inflammation such as bad breath and gingivitis.

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