5 thoughts on “Is it better to raise a puppy or nourish the kitten? Is the destructive power of the cat?”

  1. The dog's destructive power is strong, but the dog is limited to the childhood. As the age increases, the destructive power will decrease. The destructive power of the cat is a lifetime. As long as it does not die, it will grind its claws!
    This has a place where the cat is used. Compared to dogs, it does not need to bend, which is independent, but you don't forget the season of hair loss. The dog's hair loss is where it goes. It's very good at jumping, so it changes the hair, and there is no place in your family!

  2. Personally prefer cats, because cats are easy to teach, and they can teach in the toilet. Cats will catch things, and it will be much better to cut my nails frequently. As for the hair loss, the cats and dogs are the same, and it is okay to comb the hair every day. However, no matter who raises cats and dogs, they must be mentally prepared. They always make mistakes, and they must tolerate it!

  3. Dogs and cats have raised them. I personally think that dogs are more intimate.
    Cats are relatively independent, and they will come to you when needed. It is difficult to smell at home. I like to fix the places at home to grind the claws. The cats are very smart.
    The dogs are more sticky, and they will make the host happy. They can solve it outside the size. The dogs are stupid when they are young. They need to be patient. They need to go out frequently. Essence

  4. Look at the variety, I personally think that raising cats is more worry -free. No need to walk. As long as it is taught, it will not catch bad things. Some dogs like to bite things, such as Chihuahua, Golden Retriever

  5. The dog's destructive power is stronger. Essence Essence The cat is mainly grabbing, and the dog is biting. Essence Essence The dog needs someone to play with him. The cat does not matter. It can be done for a day. Just eat enough.

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