2 thoughts on “What should I do if the cat does not eat after moving?”

  1. Cats are sensitive animals, and a little change in the living environment will be aware of it. Therefore, it is normal for cats to do not eat after the cat moves to a new home. At this time, the owner can help cats adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, but the owner must first win the trust of the cat. Then prepare the cats that cats love to eat, and cats will adapt for a period of time.

    1. Provide a relatively private space for cats

    Cats are naturally insecure. When transferring to cats, you can give the cat a place where he is just right. The ventilation of the ventilation should be smooth and not bumpy. After arriving at your destination, don't force it out, let the cat adapt to the smell of the new environment first, and then guide the cat to come out.

    2. Increase the trust of cats or environment for strangers

    If cats are afraid of strangers, then never let strangers get closer to it and make cats quiet by themselves. Wait, when it feels that strangers are actually no hostile to it, the cat's stress response will slowly alleviate.

    If the cat went to the new environment and could not adapt to the new environment, the owner could take some of its previous toys, cat nests or owners' clothes, put it in the place where it was rest, and let it smell familiar with familiarity The taste helps it to adapt to the new environment and relieve anxiety. The owner can gentlely touching the cat in the case where the cat is not resistant to relieve the cat's nervousness.

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    In general, cat's stress response will gradually improve within 3-4 days. However, if some of the above measures, the cat's stress response has not been relieved well, you can consult the doctor and make further treatment measures.

  2. You can give it a familiar thing (taste), let the cat relieve the pressure, water and cat food are placed there, and cats will eat when they are hungry.

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