Our company is a manufacturing and sales enterprise for commercial concrete. What industry does this industry belong to the "national standard industry"?

5 thoughts on “Our company is a manufacturing and sales enterprise for commercial concrete. What industry does this industry belong to the "national standard industry"?”

  1. It belongs to manufacturing, industrial enterprises.
    C commercial concrete is used as commercial purposes, such as sale and purchase of concrete. Most of the construction construction uses commercial concrete.
    The collective referred to the composite material composite material of the overall project by the gel coagulation material. Generally speaking, the term concrete refers to the use of cement as a gel material, sand and stone as a collective material; with water (plus or non -externally added agent and mixture) in a certain proportion, Cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, is widely used in civil engineering.
    The commercial concrete, also known as pre -mixed concrete, referred to as "commercial concrete", commonly known as ash or material: it is components such as cement, aggregate, water and outer agent, mineral mixture, etc. In a certain percentage, after the mixing station is measured, sold after mixing, and uses a transport vehicle, it is transported to the concrete mixture at the specified time.
    The inorganic gel materials such as cement, lime, gypsum and other inorganic gel materials are plastic with water mixing and concrete mixture; and then condensed and hardened by chemical and physical and chemical effects. Generally speaking, drinking water can meet the requirements of concrete mixing and water.
    The excessive acid, alkali, salt and organic matter in the water can have a harmful effect on concrete. The collection of materials not only has a filling effect, but also has an important impact on the nature, strength and deformation of concrete.
    It to improve certain properties of concrete, you can add an outer agent. Due to the obvious technical and economic effects of mixing external agents, it has become an indispensable component of concrete. In order to improve the performance of concrete mixer or hardened concrete, save cement, and can also be mixed with grinding mineral materials -mixing materials when stirring of concrete.
    It is divided into two types: activity and non -activity. The nature and quantity of the blending material affects the strength, deformation, hydration, anti -seepage and color of the concrete.

  2. Manufacturing-concrete structural component manufacturing
    This is the national industry classification standard: /tjbz/hyflbz/.pdf

  3. This industry should be 3029, "other cement -like products manufacturing", "referring to the manufacturing of glass fiber enhanced cement products, and other unpretentious cement products."
    3022 refers to the "manufacturing of cement pipes, poles, piles, bricks, tiles and other products". This should be enterprises such as producing electric poles and mechanism tiles. It can only be included in the manufacturing of other unimpeded cement products in 3029.

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