4 thoughts on “How much is the profit margin of the Buddha incense? How to calculate?”

  1. As of 2020, the profit was about 80 %. Calculated according to the current market market, the price of ordinary line incense is generally 4 yuan per kilogram. If all 300 kilograms of line fragrance can be sold, the income of that day will be 1200 yuan, according to thirty days a month According to calculations, its one -month income is about 36,000 yuan.
    The prospectus in the Buddha incense industry is broad. Based on 100,000 people in county -level cities and towns, each household burns 1 catties each year, and 50 tons a year. , Especially in individual regions, such as Fujian and other places, the needs of Buddhism and Buddha incense have increased.
    It is to be able to contact some Buddhist believers and open the temple channels through them. At the same time, choose a shop closer to the temple, which is convenient for buying customers to buy, and can also reduce costs. In addition to offline contact, you can add more communication groups, first communicate with believers in the group. After you are familiar with each other, you will not seem so deliberate and obtrusive.
    Extension information
    It to establish its own stable raw material supply channels, and purchase the raw material for quality and low price and low price at the minimum input cost. With a wide range of raw material supply channels, you can understand and master the market changes in raw materials in time, and spend the least money to buy the raw material that suits you best.
    Thexiang, as a one -time consumption, can be said that the market will never be saturated. The investment is small and fast. Based on the different raw materials, the cheapest and most expensive price is 10,000 times the gap. Therefore, the profit space of Buddha incense is quite elastic, which can be said to be huge profits. The fragrance of Buddha has a wide range of raw materials, no pollution in the production process, and green, which meets national policy requirements and environmental protection.

  2. It is really not high -profile by processing, and now competes so much. Friends in front of them may understand this industry. You sell incense than you make incense and make more money. All the processing industries are calculated according to the cost of raw materials, hydropower, industrial and commercial taxes, labor wages, and transportation. The incense industry is calculated according to the tons.

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