2 thoughts on “How can plastic molds be so difficult to find a job?”

  1. If from the perspective of the boss, each employee will create profits for him. If a new employee is cultivated, it will not only cost a lot of money, but also spend the original employee's energy. People have to lose money ... and the technology of plastic molds is stronger than the technology of other molds, and the salary level is higher, so many people want to engage in this industry. In the final analysis, the mold industry is not easy to find a job. The technology is not high enough, and there are too many levels outside and too much experience. For a boss, in the same level, he prefers experienced. In this case, I suggest that you start with technology to improve your skills. Standing out under such competition pressure, you can consider Nantong Tianyi Education to learn mold model design technology. Add wing education is a professional institution that specializes in mold design and promotion, so you can add room for education to learn about it. ,good luck······

  2. Because the current apprenticeship time is generally not long, when the technical learning can almost help the boss make some money, they jumped away, unstable, and it took a few years to train a mold worker. Too many factors (mold period, reasonable safety equipment, capital cost control ...)

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