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  1. There are too many women's brands. No matter what brand you are, you must first examine the product quality style.
    In the consumer, middle -aged and elderly, girls, or others.
    The grade positioning: whether it is a mid -to -high -end or a public.
    Different people are different. For example, middle -aged and elderly people tend to be comfortable. Young people have higher requirements for style. Girls ask for fashion trend.
    Mid -high -end consumer groups have higher requirements for brands. Volkswagen pays attention to good price and low price.
    This and grade positioning should be selected. The location is selected where the target group gathers.
    If the series of online stores, it has nothing to do with the site selection, but marketing must be done well.
    It hope the above content will be helpful to you.

  2. Many friends who want to open a shop in the new year should pay attention. It's time to think about what shop is more appropriate. Many people want to open a brand women's clothing franchise store, so how about opening a women's clothing franchise store in 2020? What is the prospect of joining the brand women's clothing store? Make money? Today, the editor of the women's clothing network will analyze and analyze with everyone.

    The turn of the clothing industry: 90, post -00 consumption era starts, new opportunities for physical stores come
    S comfortable family environment to make the younger generation of money in China weaker Consumption, strong acceptance ability, more adapting to mobile internet consumption models, more attention to interactive experience.
    clothes: pursuing brand personality, high Internetization. Food: Focus on characteristics and experience, prefer fast fashion consumption, travel: appearance and quality, brand awareness, travel: freedom, limited consumption power but love travel, entertainment: super entertainment ability, willing to accept new entertainment methods.
    The post -90s and post -00s, the preferences and habits of consumption have been greatly different. It is the best time for the rise of the current physical store.
    This industry turning two: Ma Yun eight times a year to increase the physical business
    Ma Yun has been an iron -hearted physical business this time, six times a year, from Haitao Supermarket to O2O fresh supermarket , Go to the coffee shop and join the experience mall with Pengxin.
    In the concept of a new retail concept, Ma Yun immediately opened a new retail physical store that his family was in Tmall: trying the clothes room, the entire store accounted for nearly 2,000 square meters, Tmall 100 hot -selling clothing, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes Bags and cosmetics brands, designed 5 high -value theme areas.
    The Shijiang Shopping of the regional business super hegemon at the end of last year, recently, is about to deepen cooperation with one trillion Wade. Perhaps Ma Yun's increase in physical business is just the beginning.

    turning in the clothing industry 3: The outbreak of the mall, the best time for the development of physical stores
    Wanda for three years, the opening of the field is 50 , and it is even more. Cooperate with the provincial government to win a large order and continue to go deep into the county -level cities with third- and fourth -tier cities and consumers. For example, Shanghai, nearly 30 shopping malls opened in 2016, and 58 expected opening this year, this is the era of comprehensive outbreak of commercial real estate.
    The government loves to operate the business district. Now there are more and more shopping malls, and there are more choices for merchants. Of course, the cost of rent is more operating.
    This industry turns 4: There are more and more sub -brands. Good brands are rising in the group. The sub -brand has opened the market and gradually won the future.
    The faster fashion brands in the retail field, such as 9 sub -cards of Inditex (ZARA parent company), 6 sub -cards of H

  3. What women's clothing brand is good
    Handu clothing is a company with Korean style fast fashion as its main business model. The Korean -style women's clothing operated inside has been loved by many female consumers. Inman is a women's clothing brand with cotton and linen as the main element. The customer group is mainly Mori Girl, and has a certain market development position within the industry.
    Qiushui Yiren focuses on mature and exquisite ladies style. The customer group faces urban women. It has become a leader within the industry for more than 20 years. The client group faces Taiping Bird is a young woman aged 20 to 30. All products are designed by professional designers. Uniqlo belongs to a fast -food women's clothing brand in Japan and has a strong market development prospect in China.
    How to join the prospect of women's clothing
    For a wise selection, women's clothing has a lot of money to win the cash register. Of course, if you better operate women's clothing Related experience in management and clear business minds have a certain development plan for the future of women's clothing. Of course, brand propaganda is also vital to the development of the women's clothing industry. Smart selection can use the information to quickly use the information today to quickly use the information to quickly quickly join the information. Publicity brand in the era of communication.
    The women's clothing industry belongs to small wisdom selection projects with high income and low income, which can bring a lot of operations to the selection of wisdom, and will not bring any worries about the development of wisdom.

  4. It's free
    1. Brand franchise store clothing supply. This is relatively simple. If you choose a brand, you only need to go to a certain brand manufacturer or general agent to buy the goods, and you can choose the goods.
    2. Multi -brand clothing supply is operated, or it is necessary to think about it. If you open a store in a large city above the provincial capital, the storefront is relatively large and the decoration is enough, so you must go to the first -hand source. Generally, it is purchased in the main domestic clothing production sites or the main distribution sites.

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