1 thought on “What are the characteristics of financial leasing risk control GPS”

  1. One: Smart power saving, long standby time
    . Compared with other types of wireless vehicle positioning systems on the market, the biggest advantage is that it has intelligent systems and can automatically saving power. This intelligent power -saving mode allows its standby time to reach three years, and if the system is running normally or even more than three years.

    : Dual positioning, more accurate
    . The characteristics of another great advantage of financial lease risk control GPS are dual positioning. Due to its signal sources and transmission, they must go through the signal sources and transmission. Satellite transmission can perform more accurate dual positioning when information conversion with GPS base stations, making its error smaller and more accurate.
    : Super small volume, easy to install
    The volume of domestic senior financial leasing risk control GPS can be reduced to only lighter size. It is currently the smallest vehicle positioning system. The positioning equipment can be placed in the corner of the vehicle at will, or it can be attached to the outside of the vehicle and inside the vehicle. The concealment and anti -demolitionability can be extremely high.

    four: Light trigger, demolition alarm
    The optical alarm system in the GPS equipment of financial leasing risk control, which will be triggered immediately when the light is exposed to light. In addition, if you want to forcibly dismantle it, the positioning system will automatically transfer the alarm data, the demolition is extremely high, and at the same time, it can better ensure the property safety of the financial lease risk control company and minimize the loss.

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