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  1. Customer acquisition software is one of the ways to use the advantages of the Internet to increase corporate awareness and customer resources, and become one of the ways to call customers low -cost and effectively convene customers. Precise and exclusive customer resources, help you open up new online sales and easily increase the reputation and sales of corporate! Next, I will introduce some of Tuoke software with a good use of good use.
    1. Cloud Fighting APP (recommendation)
    Cloud Flash Ke APP is a accurate collection of customer origin, integrating major professional information data channels and sources of various stations on the market. With one -click accurate customer source, one -click export address book, one -click group software. Its main function is to replace traditional on -site affairs. After searching for keywords, you can grasp the career information you need to understand, accurately locate, and assist customers to find the most valuable customers and corporate information.
    2. Yi Caike
    Ti Keke is a good helper created by sales staff for the enterprise. Use this software to allow everyone to easily reach the customer at any time. A lot of marketing management functions are provided to help everyone to easily expand their customers and improve sales performance. A lot of tools meet everyone's promotion needs, and can better marketing and promotion with the power of the platform.

  2. There are many self -media promotion platforms, especially the self -media platforms that have appeared in the past year or two are more and more. As long as the traffic is okay, the self -media platform is basically launched, but because too many brocade push this with this push this, this is pushed with this push. The side will not explain it all. It is only necessary to explain several large platforms. What are the self -media soft text promotion platforms? The following Jin Sui push to introduce five in detail.

    1, Baijia number

    Baijia number is a self -media platform under Baidu. Its advantage is that it is simple to register. At the same time Among the channels, Baidu believes that everyone is very clear, and the traffic is relatively large. Therefore, publishing an article on this platform can add a good exposure to the brand. At the same time, the articles published at the same time can be easily included by Baidu and can get a certain ranking.

    2, Sohu

    Sohu is a self -media platform on Sohu News. At the same time It is well known that the articles issued by Sohu from the media are easy to be included in Baidu, so many people who do promotion and propaganda like to publish their own advertising articles in Sohu's media. After being included, it is easy to bring customers.

    3, the headline number

    headlines belong to the self -media platform on the side of today's headline. The published articles can also be synchronized to several channels. Of course among. But because the headlines are competitive with Baidu's side, the articles published on the headline today will not appear in Baidu.

    . Today's headline has launched the headline search function in recent years, so the article published in the headline can be immediately searched for the headlines. The keywords in the later period can also find your own article. Essence

    4, fast pass

    The fast pass number is the same as the above, but it is a platform for 360 search engines. Compared with the previous three It's so good, because it is difficult to synchronize in the 360 ​​search results even in the article published by the fast pass. Of course, this is the individual feel that the specific netizens can use it according to the situation.

    5, Penguin

    Then goose is a self -media platform owned by Tencent. Everyone knows that the best social doing is Tencent It is basically no shortage. Therefore, the article published by the Penguin can synchronize to many channels, such as QQ highlights, Tencent News, QQ browser and other channels.

    Because the article sent out will be synchronized to Tencent News, the article is also easily included in Baidu. Of course, the specific quality of the article is not included in the specific quality of the article. If the quality is poor, Baidu will not be included on the other side. It involves the law rules of Baidu's algorithm, and Jin Sui will not say much here.

    The above is the relevant knowledge of the self -media soft text promotion platform summarized by Jin Sui Push here. Although Jin Sui Tao only tells five self -media platforms, the media platform is online. There are still many. There are not too many related introductions on the other small platforms. As long as you use it well, the above five platforms are enough.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Performance Baochangbao APP is a customer source collection platform that integrates customer resources from all walks of life across the country. Software is easy to use and simple operation. Just choose the city you want to develop and enter the industry keywords you want to search, you can accurately match the company name, contact phone number and address. The software also has the functions of adding address book, synchronizing WeChat friends, one -click dial call, automatic generating electronic meter, and marketing SMS groups. Many work links have been saved for the sales of enterprises, saving work hours, and greatly improving work efficiency. It is an app used in the collection of apps. two. Super Jacking Super Jacking APP is an efficient intelligent marketing system software with a large number of customer resources. Users can search for precise customer resources they want one click, and the data is updated in real time every day to meet the collection needs of various industries. In addition, Super Cascurring also includes: map Tuke, classified Tuke, soft text promotion, visitor radar, market micro -shop, supply and demand release, SMS assistant, promotion ambassador, daily poster, short video, live broadcast and other functions, which can meet different industries Customer needs.nthree. The customer source APP in the palm of the hand is a rich industry business data that can help users with precise marketing and promotion, powerful customer source information acquisition and management assistant software. It is simple and convenient to use. You can search and collect offline boss contact information of various industries on the market with one click. Various cities and industries across the country can choose freely; Sound and so on. It can also help realize one -click group messages, and directly skip the three major operators for network channel sending without being blocked. Four. Its most reliable software is China's leading commercial search engine. The customer source APP is the leader of the customer's vertical search industry. Its data covers 360 cities and regions across the country, and the data is true and effective. It is updated in real time every day. The most accurate customer source information is the collection software for online sales/electricity sales companies. The customer source APP helps you start new ideas in the data era and achieve fast people to grasp customer resources step by step. Finally: Analysis of online sales/electricity marketing customer resource acquisition channels Speaking of online sales/electricity sales customer contact numbers acquisition. In fact, Kuai Takuke APP is a good accurate collection software. Just choose in advancenWhen it comes to the acquisition number of online sales/electricity sales customers, in fact, Kuaitu APP is a good precision collection software. Just choose the region and industry in advance, it can collect the mobile phone number or land machine number on the mobile phone address of the merchant mobile phone number or land machine number on the mobile phone address book on the big data, and one click of one click, and one click Synchronize to WeChat friends list, Douyin friends list and other platforms. It can also be intelligently controlled by AI, and a large number of SMS functions can be sent in one click. There are many ways to get customer acquisition and expansion methods in the software, waiting for you to experience it. Suitable for various entities and online virtual products industries, you can search for all customer contact numbers other than special industries.n1 morenBleak

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