How to do WeChat drainage? Is there any better way to be better?

Or salted fish, post bar and other platforms, thank you.

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  1. WeChat drainage is more practical:

    1, changing groups, changing groups with resources in the hand can achieve the goal of fast drainage. The disadvantage is that the users who come in this way are not accurate enough and need to be screened later.
    2, referring to the introduction, make your value, and let your friends help recommend it. Although the early stage is slow, the long tail flow is considerable, and the user is relatively accurate. Essence
    3, offline drainage, if you cable offline stores. You can set up posters in the store, allowing customers to add your WeChat to provide some online privileges. The effect of drainage is still good.
    4, offline activities, if you have the ability, you can organize some offline salon activities, and it will naturally leave users.
    5. Participate in the meeting and go to the relevant meetings of the industry. You can know a lot of useful friends, and it is also a good channel for WeChat drainage.
    6, fission activity, planning abnormal line -based fission activity, designing prizes and rules. Common is to allow users to generate their own posters, and then invite several friends to get prizes. Invited friends can also participate in the event. If the design of the prizes is more attractive, it will easily form fission, and a large wave of traffic will bring in the short term.
    7, other platform drainage, you can go to Douyin, headlines, and fast -handed content, leave information adding you WeChat in the account. It should be noted that these platforms will limit you to send out WeChat directly. You can use it to use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. The letters or other forms are transformed.
    8, content, on the content platform, such as public account. On the channels such as Jian Shu and Zhihu, some high -quality content is released, forming a long tail through the content, attracting more traffic plus WeChat.
    The above is a commonly used WeChat drainage method, which can be tried according to the actual situation.

  2. Many novices Xiaobai do not know how to attract fans and will not promote it, which causes no precise customers. In fact, these are very simple. As long as you and right, these are not things!
    wants to get fans quickly and quickly get accurate customers. There is a trick that is very suitable for you, that is, interception. The meaning of the interception is to find the peers in your industry, and then go to their territory to get their customers.
    This is relatively good, called interception. Because we lack customers, there is no way, we can only use the fastest way to fill our stomach in the ready -made channel, right?
    It we want to find a peer first, on Baidu, or Douyin, on the headline account, search for a big one, just hit the keywords of your industry. All their peers are concerned.
    In the end we use a small routine, comment, private message, and the fans who cut off. Speaking of which you believe you should understand, right? If the details are not available, read historical articles, there is a special introduction to how to play.
    This students have a large part of the students. Just playing this trick can be done. At least 20 people come every day, it is a precise customer. I hope that everyone can pay attention to it, can achieve the same effect, and then make it easy!

  3. Digestion is to attract more passenger flow. The good way to be more practical is that there are a lot of practical methods. The Xiaocke platform introduced by friends before is very good.

  4. Just put advertisements directly on WeChat. The exposure of the advertisement can be purchased according to your needs

  5. How to drain customers add WeChat, how much is the latest drainage method, promote online drainage online promotion

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