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  1. What will happen to the leverage? Forcibly liquidation is also called forced liquidation, also known as being beheaded, watched, and liquid. It refers to the situation where the customer's equity in the investor's deposit account is negative under certain special conditions. Blasting is a deposit that losses is greater than in your account. The remaining funds after the company's Qiangping are the total funds that minus your losses, and there are generally part of the remaining part. It is often used in spot gold and futures transactions. Depending on the reasons for forcibly liquidation, forcibly liquidation can be divided into the following categories: 1. Forcibly liquidation due to the failure of the additional margin obligation.根据交易所规则,期货交易实行保证金制度,每一笔交易均须交纳一定比例的保证金,当市场发生不利变化,也就是说,市场发生行情逆转,朝相反方向变化时,以及进入交割月时, Members or customers should also deposit additional margins in accordance with trading rules and contracts. If members or customers have not fulfilled the obligation to add margin within the required time, the exchange has the right to have the right to force the positions of the positions held by the client. 2. It was forcibly closed due to illegal acts. Members or customers violate the exchanges' trading rules, and the exchanges shall be forced to close their positions on their positions in accordance with the provisions of the trading rules of the exchange. Mainly include: violating the position restrictions of the super position; the non -reporting system is not reported, or the report is not true; the futures business for the market forbidden; the brokerage company is engaged in self -operating business; the market is organized to manipulate the market; Behavior. 3. Temporary changes in policy or trading rules forcibly liquidate positions. In the past few years, this situation has often occurred, and trading rules are often amended due to policy or temporary regulations of regulatory authorities, or they cannot be implemented temporarily.

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  3. If you are out of position, you will be mandatory to clear the position, and the brokerage will not be kind. The price of the daily limit is directly sold directly to the mortgage trading variety in your account. Until the deduction is completed, if it is not enough, it will sell others. Until you sell everything. If it is not enough, huh, you will find you debt.

  4. The leverage bursts out of the lending cost and interest, and your principal is left. This is the debit setting of the positioning alarm line to achieve the alarm water level and the system automatically liquidate to ensure the security of the debit funds.

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