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  1. He Rundong
    English name: Peter Ho
    Nickname: Preserved Egg
    September 13, 1975
    Birthplace: United States (California) n Height: 1.85 meters
    Weight: 70kg
    Blood type: O -type
    Constellation: Virgo
    Zodiac: Rabbit
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Ontario: COLLEGE OF ARTrn  家庭状况:父母、两个姐姐rn  排行:老三rn  嗜好:摄影、篮球、绘画、看电影、看漫画rn  专长:摄影、绘画、 Playing basketball, design
    Linguined ability: Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese (learning)
    Favorite animals: dog
    favorite color: blue, white
    favorite favorite Foods: steak, chicken, Xiaolongbao
    The artist I like: Jacky Cheung, Chow Yun Fat
    The deepest influence: family
    The most wanted to do: watch the person you want in the Egyptian pyramid Stars, Candle Light Dinner
    The favorite sports: playing basketball
    The favorite number: 2
    The favorite season: summer
    The favorite country/region: Taiwan
    The favorite movie type: science fiction film, literary love
    The favorite music type: Soft Rock
    The most favorite part of your body: Eyes
    The favorite dressing: Easy
    's favorite heterosexual types: filial piety, gossip, good cooking
    The biggest wish: a photographer of the national geographic magazine, wandering around the camera
    [Record album]
    The start of the dream in 1998
    1998 thought of your love
    1999 without me, what do you do
    1999 Hey Lover-Guangdong album
    every time you think of each time every time you think of it You-Mandarin EP
    2003 dear friend-Mandarin EP
    2007 I want to say to you-Mandarin album
    2007 I only care about you R N "Liang Zhu" starring Wu Qilong and Yang Caini in 1994
    1998 and Fan Wenfang performed "Truth"
    1999 with Wu Qilong, Zhao Wei, Li Qihong, performed "Fate, Mother Wonder"
    2000 performed "The Secret of the Moon" with Li Jiaxin, Fang Zhongxin, Fan Wenfang, etc. n in 2001 with Zheng Yijian and Chen Xiaochun and other performances "The 6th Winners of the Young and Dangerous"
    Performing "Dark Fight"
    2002 In the same year, Oda Yuji and Mao Bing performed "T.R.Y"
    in 2003 starring in "Secret Love"
    2003 participated in the performance "Kamen Rider 555"
    2004 "Ghost Call 2 2 "
    2006 CCTV's" Legend of Lu Xiaofeng "series of Ximen Blowing Snow
    " Gene Determination of I Love You "
    TV drama works
    2000 China TV TV series" Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "
    The 2001 TV series "Fengyun"
    2001 Japanese TV series "Happy"
    2001 Mainland TV series "Miracle"
    2002 Mainland TV series "Yu Guanyin" Cooperative actor: 佟 佟 为Du Yuan
    The 2002 Dolian TV series "Stars in the Snow"
    2002 TV series "Four Great Catal"
    2002 TV series "Eighteen Luohan"
    2003 TV series "Love Determination "Aegis Sea"
    The 2003 TV series "One -meter Sunshine" Cooperative actor: Sun Yan Yu Na Yin Xiaotian Chi Shuai
    2003 Dolian TV series "Original Summer"
    2004 TV series "Jing Jing Legend"
    The 2004 TV series "Feng Yun 2"
    2004 series "Qin Wang Li Shimin"
    2004 TV series "Chinese Heroes"
    2005 TV series "Chinese Little Family"
    2005 TV series "The Nature Beauty"
    2005 TV series "Night Mid -Night Songs"
    2005 TV series "Broken Sword"
    2005 Dolian TV series "Ping Pong"
    2005 TV series "Wind Warrior"
    The 2005 TV series "Love of White House"
    2005 TV series "Lu Xiaofeng"
    2005 TV series "Fairy Tale of the Bridge"
    2006 TV series "Young Yang Family General" r
    The 2006 TV series "Jingwu Feihong"
    2007 TV series "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai"
    2007 TV series "Shanghai Tide" (stop shooting due to the heroine)
    2007 The year's TV series "Drunk Changan"
    2008 TV series "Shanghai Tide" resumed
    2008 TV series "The Romance of the New Three Kingdoms"
    February 2009 guest appearance in the Japanese drama "Detective Conan 3" , Placing Study Kidd
    Singing "Welcome to Beijing" with other stars
    "Bubble Summer" (2009.02 shooting) [Two of Luo Xi]
    The latest news He Rundong once in the beginning of this year. The media said he was filming a TV series. As soon as the news came out, many people speculated whether the TV series planned by He Rundong wanted to buy Japanese comics adaptation? Or is it an adaptation of best -selling movies? The answer was finally revealed today. A few months ago, He Rundong bought the copyright of Japanese comics or best -selling movie copyright. The TV copyright of the 800,000 set of novels "Bubble Summer". He Rundong said, "At the beginning of this year, I was deeply attracted by the plot and characters in the novel after reading the novel" Bubble Summer "! At that time, I wanted to buy this novel. The adaptation was made into a TV series. As a result, the owner of the novel was rejected by the owner of the novel. Because she was worried about making this novel into a TV series, if it was not well filmed, those readers who liked to watch her novel would be unhappy. And rebound. So, including me and many of me who want to buy this novel, I want to buy this novel, and well -known directors have been refused. At that time, I was disappointed, but the agent told me: A good script Very difficult to find. So many people in "Bubble Summer" rush to buy copyrights and switch to TV series, which also means that "Bubble Summer" is really a good drama material in recent years. Want to buy the willingness of "Bubble Summer". After a few months of communicating with the author Ming Xiaoxi, it also made a guarantee of making good quality. The author Ming Xiaoxi finally was willing to adapt the "Bubble Summer" adaptation TV series. The copyright was sold to me. But the author Ming Xiaoxi also told me very clearly that adapting this book into a TV series will inevitably be affected by countless readers who like this novel. "
    The first upgrade as a producer, and for the first time, introduced the mainland novels into Taiwan into a TV series. He Rundong is really "bold". In order to make the show well fight for Japanese and Korean dramas welcomed by idol drama fans in Asia, He Rundong's production costs set by He Rundong have reached up to NT $ 50 million. This can be said to be a very large amount of investment in an environment where the drama market is very bad. From He Rundong said that the start of funds to invest in filming, all parties have to be supported. In a short time, the filmmakers including Japan, Hong Kong, and the Mainland called He Rundong's agent to invest.
    In addition, the main creative part, He Rundong has also locked the director Jiang Fenghong, director of popular idol dramas such as "Meteor Garden 2", "Love Aegean Sea", "Love to Kill Seventeen", and the director of this play. As for who played the heroine and another actor? He Rundong said, "The heroine candidate will discuss with the director to decide, but at present, the heroines in my mind include Lin Jiaxin, Da S, Zhang Junning, Zhang Nala and other candidates! As for another actor, I may be my good brother Guo Pinchao. Or Peng Yuyan starred. "" Bubble Summer "is expected to start in mid -February next year.
    Ke./View/44861?wtp=ttrate R N Ancient
    Ancient Giant (English: Leo KU, August 18, 1972-), Hong Kong Cantonese pop singer, actor, host, Originally, Maoming, Guangdong. He is a few half -strength in Cantonese pop singers who often use pseudo -tips, semi -idol singers. He is also the top ten outstanding young people in Hong Kong in 2005. In the summer of 2008, the Olympic Games Hong Kong Torch Relay Eighth Baseball Torchbearer. Huang Bai Gao, the manager of Gu Juji, also said in the early days: "Goodness, good gold medals; good gold medals, good gold medals, and better." This sentence is enough to prove the status of Gu Juji at Gold Medal Entertainment Co., Ltd. Gu Juji also tried his best to invest in charity activities, and he had served as a star of many hunger; in 2005 he also established the "Gu Juji Children's Medical Fund" to assist the sick children in need. In addition, Gu Juji also claimed that he loved children very much. Now he has supported 14 children, and he plans to decide that he will support part of the child who is homeless in the Wenchuan earthquake in the future. In addition to the singing skills, Gu Juji also has the style of being a director. He directed "Love Too late Music Movies" and "Love Song King Music Movie". These two music movies are also very popular. He is very accomplished in music, and he has composed himself many times, such as: blue sky and white clouds, premonition and other songs. This also established his certain position in the music scene. His painting technology is also very good. He stated in the Zhiyun Rice Bureau that he had participated in the Examination of the Fine Arts Section and his grades were not bad. He is temporarily the second singer in the Hong Kong music scene. (The other is Huang Guanzhong, who was studied at the Hong Kong Institute of Technology (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University). During the SARS raging in 2005, Gu Juji used this rare free time to create the comic character Kubi, and published it. His first personal comic collection "The Story of Kubi" was published in the second episode of this comic in the following year. In 2008, he published the children's series "The Water Cup of the victory of the Kubi Good Child Series" with Kubi as the main character. Poly -talented, he also fully expressed his talent in product design. In the past few years, a series of peripheral products with KUBI as the main character have been launched. In 2008 Tide clothes T -shirt.
    Name: Gu Juji
    English name: KU KUI Kei, leo
    birth date: 18/08/1972
    Zodiac signs: rat
    Constellation: Leo
    Birth place: Hong Kong
    Time: Maoming, Guangdong
    : 180 cm
    Blood type: B
    Family members: Parents
    Specialty: singing, drawing, composition, lyrics
    Hobbish: watching movies, music, video games, ball hit the ball r r r r r r r r r
    -love food: snacks, sun eggs, hot springs
    Is love drinks: smoothie
    It color: blue, black, white, gold
    Love season: winter
    love festival: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas: Christmas Grade
    节 节: Pingjing Jian, Faye Wong, Tao Yan, Sun Yanzi
    -love actor: Liang Chaowei, Zhou Xingchi
    -love songs: I am willing, dark surge
    n Love travel countries: all over the world
    The cartoon characters: kubi
    Is love subjects: Art
    The favorite collection: Star Wars product
    film and television works
    ★ TV series ★::::::
    (wireless TV)
    1996: Heroes and expensive surnamed forest pots
    1996: Royal anti -thousand groups as Guodong
    1995: Pumpkin head)
    1995: Bao Qingtian's "Step Snow Seeking Mei" as white snow
    1995: The theme song of the lead singer of the criminal investigation file "The Truth of the Emotion" and the episode "Always Love You"
    1994: The enemies of the previous life decorated with Xingxing
    1994: Laughing at Fengyun Bao Wenhu
    1992: 92 Zhong Wuyan
    1992: Dragon Sky
    1992 Year: One Huang Court Drotting Bar Singer (Lord Singing: It is fate or debt or a dream)
    1991: Fire Rose Jindian colleagues
    1991: Sanxi Linmen
    1991: I am for me. Qian Kuang
    1991: Hengcai 30 million
    TV series (other)
    2006: "Let Love Freedom/Shouldn't Let Women cry" Gu Junyong
    2003: "Returning Pearls 3 on the Earth" decorated with Xinjue Luo Yongqi
    2000: "Love Deep Rain" as He Shuyu
    TV movies (TVB)
    n Thermal waves
    ★ Movie ★:
    1997 During the period of love, the strongest blood
    1998 rotary love (red apple)
    2004 SMS chase January
    2005 savage nirvana (barbaric cheats)
    2007 Crazy Fan King ( Sweetheart fan king)
    2008 love left and right
    guest appearance:
    1995 King of Destruction, 95 Chase Girls — Qimeng
    998 Anna Madelena n 2002 Sunset Angel
    Voic dubbing:
    1997 Gulos
    2000 Rats
    2002 Rats 2
    2005 Robots of Robots
    ★ Broadcasting drama ★
    903 Shangtai
    The popular love cold/ mouse disappearance (A Yu, computer expert)
    1995 ) / Love Concerto (Dou Wei, Private Detective)
    903 Shangtai
    Seven -capture seven ingredients / strange files across the world (Fu Jiajie)
    The radio station
    It pure male melancholy — no longer lost love club/ Zhiji Jiulian Mountain
    Tong Hong Kong Radio
    dare not say I love you (give up full, full, full, full, full, full, full, full, full, full, full Doctor)
    903 Shangtai
    Fengyun (Jianchen) / Zhizhi See Family's Christmas rough
    903 Shangtai
    A certain day of 1999 (in the play in the play) / Crazy Show mini theater 2200
    Xintong Radio
    Mobile warrior 0079 (Abao)
    nIn a small theater at noon
    903 commercial platform
    Block C of the 18th floor n Xincheng Radio
    The radio
    -freezing point (Lai Ci) n Xincheng Radio
    mi City Next Station (Deng Benli Stanley)
    903 Commercial Station
    Xianle Du
    Tong Hong Kong Radio
    It Dust Dust Leanju
    903 Commercial Radio
    Attach a lover 1
    Xintong Radio
    Melbourne's emerald
    Golden teenager Season 4 (the world's richest man Tang Lide)
    ★ TV owner Holding ★
    Entertainment news eyes/ Jin song golden song/ fun small movie/ fun eleven points
    10,000 people animation change/ spicy ichi ban/ entertainment noodle party
    / Variable 93 Entertainment Circle/ BB also should also be shopping
    Smart and smart owner/ Olympic Host/ 1999/11/8 guest style song
    2008: n weird radio/ 9.03 million help/ hunger Ambassador KE./view/9281?wtp=ttrate
    Louis koo tin lok
    n Birthday zodiac signs: October 21, 1970 (Wednesday)/Wugu
    Constellation Blood type: Libra, AB type
    Nationality of China/Guangdong Zhongshan Pound (about 70 kg)
    The eyesight: 700 degrees of myopia
    The live in: Hong Kong
    N -family member: Father, (father: financial management) mother, brother (one year difference)
    once pets: Dog A Lo
    Children's dream: When a police officer (like to play guns), fashion, fashion Designer (influenced by the clever mother)
    Now Dream: Facing the difficulties in life; cooperation with Michael Jackson; doing Li Ka -shing second
    Motto Find HAPPINESS
    Personal quotations: not a fact, no response.
    friends in the circle: Xuan Xuan, Wu Zhuoji, Lin Xue, Luo Jialiang, Lin Guobin, Yang Qianhua, Person, etc. Personal hobbies: use various methods to make their skin black (sun exposure or solar lamp), Change the car, change the mobile phone
    The living quirk: wipe the shoes, dub the dog, cleanliness (such as washing the head twice a day)
    The dressing feature: simple, lightweight, comfortable
    The most respectable person: Parents
    The most admired people: "Sun Yat -sen
    The favorite country of France: France,
    Flying subjects: Geography, Art
    I Hate Drinks: Coke (currently began to quit slowly, recently is Puju tea, green tea, milk tea)
    favorite foods: Taiwan Dingtaifeng Xiaolongbao, Japanese beef rice, glutinous rice cake
    favorite fruits: willow Ding
    The favorite dessert: Mango Simi
    The favorite color: purple
    The favorite season: winter
    The favorite festival: Christmas
    Most of the most Favorite accessories: White Crystal
    The favorite singer: Micheal Jackson
    The favorite band: Depeche Mode
    The favorite actor: Laubine Nino
    The favorite movie : SPEED
    The favorite writer: Liang Fengyi
    The favorite animal: dog
    The favorite comics: Qi Dragon Ball
    The most annoying things: Reporter writing is not the facts
    The most annoying place: where there are many people
    Chematic hairstyles: Orient 4
    Mreasted shower gel: DOVE
    -like cartoon characters: Batman, Bear Bear, Doraemon A Dream (Future wife is the best like him ~~)
    The favorite fashion brand: D-Squared, POLO underwear, Prada, Gucci, MUIMUI, Dirk N Favorite Sports: Diving, Rolling Skating , Play volleyball, sprint (once a school volleyball team member in middle school)
    The leisure activities: listening to pure music, singing, dancing, painting, gaming machines, watching cartoons, collecting bear dolls
    Like likes Dress style: bottle collar, leather coat, length matching and unique second -hand shirt ./question/85493388

  2. They can see their archives everywhere, let me talk about my feelings ...
    He Rundong's multi -habitant artist, but it should be a TV series of Fengyun ...
    Gujaji has become popular on the mainland by Qiong Yao drama. . Singing is good .. I can draw and create a comic character. It is called Kubi .. Very cute
    Gu Tianle himself likes it very much, very handsome .. It looks chic, actually a otaku, super filial piety ...

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