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  1. (1) BC: English abbreviation of barcode: Bar Code.
    (2) BC: Hungary's largest chemical group Bosu Chemistry Company (), has been acquired by Wanhua Industrial Group.
    (3) BC: The abbreviation of the famous British actor (BENEDICT Benditett Kumberbach).
    (4) BC: Mercedes -Benz sports car.
    (5) BC: The abbreviation of single -machine game Bloody Call.
    (6) BC: It looks like a continuous letter. In fact, it is a swear words, the meaning of an idiot, a network term, and it is common in Tencent MSN.
    (7) BC: refers to the British Cultural Association, the abbreviation of British Countcil.
    (8) BC: The abbreviation of Bitcomet.
    (9) BC: British Columbia, Canada, referred to as BC.
    (10) BC: Internet language, indicating "stick hammer".
    Extension information:
    Form code code code:
    Motivation: Same specifications The same product code corresponds to the same product code, and different specifications of the same product should correspond to different product code. According to the different properties of the product, such as: weight, packaging, specifications, odor, color, shape, etc., different product code is given.
    Permanentity: Once the product code is allocated, it will not be changed and it is lifelong. When such products are no longer produced, the corresponding product code can only be put on hold, and it must not be reused to other products.
    The meaningless: In order to ensure that the code has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of frequent renewal of the product, it is best to adopt the orderless order code.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-BC

  2. abBr. Before Christ
    The English abbreviation and Chinese comparison table (A-H) ... BBS N-olinobic-Benzolzolizilizonamidamine BC total acid BCD β-cycle paste Fine.

    bank of China-BC (Bank of China): "No, so Xia Lin once willing to love Lu Tao, car interceptor."
    n blue The deadline of the gun deadline ... BASS bass; a subwrowing bb; bc; bcf; B -Co; blue gun dead point; dark balanced blue gun adjustment BCW brightness control range ...

    appearance pipe tube Dark balance blue gun adjustment bus recognition ... BASS bass; secondary bass BB; bc; bcf; b -cO; blue gun dead point; visually dark balance blue gun adjustment BCW brightness control range

    bc looks like it looks like it looks like It is a continuous letter. In fact, it is a swear words, the meaning of an idiot, and a network term. It is common in Tencent MSN

    bc and the meaning of AD. In ... the previous meaning

    c represents Christ, the meaning of Christ.


    This commonly used BC or B.C. represents BC.

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