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  1. Guo Biting exploded 21 million to obtain "the goddess of sky -high" Wang Sicong showing love: Meng!

    The first phase of Guo Biting with an eight -digit days of a few days and a shocking Guo Biting and her designer Li Wei have always attracted much attention. The "black swan" shape created by Guo Biting has won tens of millions of high prices in one fell swoop,# Black Swan#also appeared on Weibo hot search for the first time, praise. In this issue, Guo Biting brought the series of "Rolla Fast Running" series of anticipation. At the same time, Wang Sicong, the national husband of the entertainment industry, quietly left a message under Guo Biting's Weibo: "Meng", the fan exclaimed: " Is it cute by our goddess? "Many netizens appealed:" Sicong's husband is coming to join, the real 'million male gods'! "
    It this issue of Guo Biting brought a full sense of future. When the fashion show, as soon as the buyers appeared at the buyers, they quickly pressed the bidder, followed by the successive praise bombing: "As soon as you see Guo Biting's eyes, you start to glow!", "The entire series is very international." Guo Biting designer Li Wei introduced in the stylish clothing with the theme of sports as the theme, making it more energetic through the use of metal colors. The two fashion judges are competing for the stage to take a positive trial, and the bidding at the scene can be described as "crazy and fighting." In the end, Shangpin.com once again brushed Guo Biting's bidding record again at the price of 21 million and won the championship. Many fans netizens praised: "Guo Biting's series of clothing is really beautiful, and it will create a new sales high."
    oath "Can't lose" Zhang Yuqi counterattacked Zhou Weitong to be eliminated

    After Guo Biting's perfect catwalk show, at this time, the backstage was shrouded in huge pressure. The air was mixed with the loss and surprise of other goddesses, especially Zhang Yuqi and Zhou Weitong, who had the bottom of last week. As a fashion leader, Zhang Yuqi's results last week were not satisfactory. Therefore, this week, she strictly requested the designer and even relentlessly: "I haven't lost this in my life resume!" Being a designer as a designer When the sister Hua Zhao Tao and Zhao Shan were in tears in the face of the high -priced pressure brought by the other goddess group, Zhang Yuqi calmly said that "not only has to play fiercely, but also to play elegance" and interpret a dreamy on the stage. "Dreaming Space", with unique equestrian movement as a creative concept, the design of clothing in clothing, and the black and white psychedelic printing, which was highly recognized. In the end, D2C filmed 8.43 million to make Zhang Yuqi a perfect counterattack.
    . Zhou Weitong is not so lucky. As a second -level athlete, her "stretch" suggestion to the designer does not seem to be recognized by the buyer, and he has questioned "as an excellent international international Buyers, I did n’t see a lot of sports in it. ”The“ unique personality gives me a bit strange ”in the second round of bidding. Two buyers gave up. After Pinman placed the order with 2.3 million, he stated that he did not make production, and it really made Zhou Weitong and designer a little frustrated. Due to the accumulated results of the two -phase competition, Zhou Weitong's scores at the bottom were regrettable, and designers Zhang Yuqi who observed the entire process in the background strongly expressed "unfairness" for the result. In the face of such a result, Zhou Weitong felt grieving and couldn't help but choke: "Each suit is worthy of being respected by others. Production is a support for designers." Frequent tricks

    It 21:10 this Saturday night, the star cross -border fashion reality show "Goddess New Clothing" jointly launched by Oriental Satellite TV and Hualu Baina and Blue Fire "Specialty. In addition to Liu Yun's son Jagger, Guo Biting's little niece Nini, and a number of young children such as the little grapes, Chen Sicheng, Cai Shuya, were invited by the goddess and served as the heavy responsibility of the children's clothing model.
    jagger Crying Liu Yun tears in the backstage of Liu Yun's tears

    jagger joining "Goddess New Clothing" and attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Fans are looking forward to him and his mother Liu Yun in The first show in the program.
    It is reported that the parent -child outfits produced by Liu Yun and the designer are not children's clothing in the traditional sense, but the sisters and couples designed by the concept of "children are parents' last life". While the mother and child brought everyone a surprise, Liu Yun also announced a shocking news in an interview: "Jagger in" New Clothing of Goddess "will be his last public appearance in front of the camera." Therefore, Jagger is in this issue of this issue The appearance in the show is likely to be his farewell screen. After that, he will return to the normal childhood life. The catwalk is more urgent to look forward to and pay attention. Even so, there was an emergency in the show. Before waiting for the show, Jagger, who had always been obedient, suddenly screamed and cried. Her mother Liu Yun quickly comforted and persuaded. The grievance appearance was really painful. In the face of such a dilemma, how will Liu Yun eventually deal with?
    and Liu Yun on the stage solemnly explained the incident. Out of the pity of his son, Liu Yun had tears when he spoke. Can family relationship bring good results to Liu Yun?
    The heart cute baby to win the ancient giant foundation and the "bear child" frequently moved

    as the combination of the youngest goddess and designer, Yinger brought the two "little little small little "Star" is Wang Zixuan Wang Zixuan and "Han Fan Xiao Nuan Men" Chen Sicheng, who had a wonderful performance in "First Grade".
    . Xiao Zhengtai Chen Sicheng, after the show warmly wanted to fight for more amounts for Yinger, played against Gu Juji on the spot and sang the dragon. His little adult sang Gu Juji "Hurry That Year", which was covered in another singing variety show, surprised Gu Juji and said nervously that he "suddenly forgot." Xiao Mengwa, who helped Gu Juji recall, sang and forgot his words by himself, shook his head upset, and he was amused in the audience seriously.
    "Goddess New outfit" Guo Biting created an avant -garde LED new outfit Hu Yanbin exposed to talk: I deserve

    The new presence can be described as a big coffee. The fourth issue of this week not only ushered in the temple -level goddess Li Jiaxin to help out, but also Hu Yanbin's joining as a mysterious million male god, making many fans of netizens shout!
    The theme "Fantasy nature" in this issue, Guo Biting and her designer Li Wei chose the movie "Crazy Primitive" as a clothing design concept. And they often set up LED lights for this suit, so that the clothes can be turned on, which is eye -opening. The good -looking Guo Biting stood out among the long -legged models this time and chose a unique short skirt. The LED lights on the skirt made the audience shouting "the goddess is so beautiful!" The design has been favored by the male god Hu Yanbin: "Young people such clothes should like it. Young people hope that all the focus is on herself. At this time, she can turn on the lights." How the children answered witly: "If someone asks you why the clothes are bright, you tell him 'I worth having'" but installing bold and avant -garde designs such as LED lights on clothing Fierce disputes, Hu Yanbin, who has always adhered to his fashion perspective, expressed his strength: "This suit reflects the thoughts of young people now. If a girl is wearing such clothes, I would like to talk to her, can we be friends?"
    The ten million -level goddesses in the first three issues, Guo Biting's pressure in this issue will undoubtedly become huge, and at this time, who will the hotly debate innovative design be expected? Which goddess's new costume is most favored by Hu Yanbin?
    Liu Yun's interpretation of "Avatar" Tong Yao and the designer's encounter crisis
    This week "Goddess New" entered the second knockout match. As this tense moment approaches, the goddess also feels pressure to feel pressure Among them, "the goddess of oxygen" Tong Yao has a lot of differences with his designer because of the style and design of clothing.
    This time, Tong Yao's costume inspired by a well -received documentary "Emperor Penguin Diary". The designer adopted the black, white, and gray on the penguin as the main color of the clothes. The overall style was very handsome, but Tong Yao put forward some opinions on such works. Before the appearance, Tong Yao was particularly anxious and hoped to have the opportunity to modify it temporarily, but the designer disagreed very much, and confidently called "I think my clothes look good." In addition to Tong Yao's opinion on this suit, other goddesses and designers also questioned the works of Tong Yao group. They proposed temporarily modifying. , Very strongly express my will. "
    and the highly anticipated designers Zhao Shan and Zhao Tao, who have attracted much attention since the first episode, designed by Liu Yun, a" sweet and spicy goddess "in this issue, In the blue skirt of "Avatar". Liu Yun and the models adopted a space -filled makeup and international clothing, and at the same time received a high evaluation of the goddess Yin Enhui who watched the show in the lounge.
    So Liu Yun's group of "Backwater Battle" in this issue can achieve a reputation? Can Tong Yao get rid of the fate of being eliminated? Please pay attention to Oriental Satellite TV's "Goddess's New Clothing" on Saturday night!
    "Goddess New outfits" Zheng Junco changed to "protect his wife"

    When Liu Yun first appeared in "Goddess's New Instance", he not only showed affection with her husband Zheng Jun, but also shouted in front of the camera. Hope her husband Come as a male god. At 21:10 on Saturday evening of Japan, on Saturday evening, the star cross -border fashion reality show "Goddess New Clothing" jointly launched by Oriental Satellite TV and Huatu Baina and Blue Flames really ushered in the new male god Zheng Jun.
    . Although Liu Yun exposed himself at the show scene and Zheng Jun had a quarrel before the recording, Zheng Jun, who had a lover, still spared no effort to promote his wife's clothing. And when Liu Yun begged the buyers to give a point, Zheng Jun said more domineering: "I can sell it for you!" In order to help his wife's ticket, Zheng Jun put down the high -cold shelf, and said to the buyers: "You finish the price, I will hug her!
    " Goddess's New Clothing "Liu Yun's catwalk and kissed the guitar to mess with Zheng Jun. Distressed

    September 12 Japanese Saturday night at 21:10, Oriental Satellite TV and Huatu Baina and Blue Flames jointly launched the star cross -border fashion reality show "Goddess New" will soon usher in the crazy most crazy this season The "Rock" theme show. And because her husband Zheng Jun was the scene of the male god, "Sweet Goddess" Liu Yun was out of hard work in the design of clothing.
    The design theme of Liu Yun comes from the classic highway film "Crazy Max". In order to highlight the theme of rock and roll, she and designer sisters Zhao Shan and Zhao Tao used a large number of denim and flower elements. Make the clothing handsome without losing the sweetness of women, and with a delicate guitar, Liu Yun's interpretation of the rock fan is well received. In order to win the one million virtual currency in her husband's hands, Liu Yun not only lights up the rock frequently during the show, The classic action of the singer also boldly kissed, and Zheng Jun was shy.
    But after the catwalk, Liu Yun accidentally lost his hands and fell the guitar she carried with him, which made Zheng Jun shocked on the spot. Afterwards, Zheng Jun revealed: " My guitar must be careful, just fell my guitar just now. "I wonder if such an accident will affect Zheng Jun's bid to Liu Yun?
    Liu Yun's call Zheng Jun" I am generous "shakes the welfare upgrade
    The program, Zheng Jun generously revealed that he had his wife before playing because Some trivial matters had a small dispute, and then they were only overwhelming. Liu Yun, who had a straightforward personality, also publicly talked about this experience on the stage, saying "I want to talk about the part of my home", and directly "called the board" Zheng Jun: "See how big me is me, how old me is me. Spend! "During this period, Zheng Jun silently put on sunglasses and teased funnyly:" I can't hear it anymore. "The sweet little interaction between the two made all the goddesses and audiences more hilarious. After the joke, Zheng Jun took off the sunglasses." Denim is one of the representatives of rock, and the market will be very good. "And actively took the active ticket for Liu Yun." Sister Yun's design is really good and sincere. "
    It reports that in addition to the goddesses this week, the goddess will show a crazy rock show, and the mobile phone shake will also be upgraded as a whole. By then shaking will be divided into three modes: the normal mode page is kept consistent with the previous; the advertising mode will be When the four advertising time is cut in, the audience can directly enter the largest single -order mode; the five -minute purchase model of the goddess bidding has increased the new installation spike and limited spike, allowing the audience to enjoy the lower price. The normal mode also added the "Champions Guess" module to choose the goddess you support. If she becomes the current champion, it will have the opportunity to get a new crystal refrigerator in Haier. 21:10 Oriental Satellite TV "Goddess New Clothing".

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