4 thoughts on “How to use scan in the virtual machine server2003”

  1. 1. The virtual machine network is set to "bridge mode"

    2, after the system is installed and logged in

    right -click my computer, click the attribute, and then the pop -up selection box is being popped up. Select the remote desktop- "" Enable the remote desktop of this computer

    and click to add- "Advanced-" immediately search- "Select the first--" OK ,Sure.

    3, run CMD, enter the IPCONFIG Enter, appear the following figure, get the IP address

    4, from the host of the host to this IP, as shown in the figure, enter the account password

  2. I installed this. You have to use the disc, change the optical drive directly to the use of a physical drive, and then automatically detect Huo Chuan's physical optical drive letter for your physical light. It is no different from the direct installation.

  3. Edit Virtual Machine-CD-DVD-Use ISO file to find Windows Server 2003iso file, determine, start the virtual machine and enter the installation interface, follow the prompts to install OK

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