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  1. Most shareholders and friends may pay more attention to stock prices in stock trading. However, they will not care about some important technical indicators. At the same time, stock trading also has technical indicators, but one of the important indicators in technical indicators is the moving average. What is the moving average, what does it mean and how to use it? Let me briefly talk about it, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Before we talk, there is a benefit here first-the selected bull stock list of the institution is freshly released. Don't miss the leak of the list of cattle stocks recommended by the [Top Secret] institution, and the speed-time speed leads! Intersection Intersection
    . Definition of moving average
    1, what is the moving average
    The moving average is an important technical indicator commonly used by investors. Averaged average. For example, in this week, only 2 days are not the trading day. The closing price of 5 trading days is added with the average value calculated by 5, and the calculation method of the 10th and 20th is the same.
    2, what are the parameters of the moving average, different colors
    , the role and response are different. Common parameters are 5 days, 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th, 120th, and 250th. Commonly used colors include white (5 -day line), yellow (10 -day line), purple (20 -day line), green (30 -day line), gray (60 -day line), blue (120 -day line), orange (250 (250) (250 (250) On the day), of course, the color is not fixed, and the shareholders can set up the color arbitrarily, as long as they like it.
    . The simple application of the moving average
    1. How to see the moving average in the trend chart
    (1) Add moving average: For example, press the MA key in the stock software interface as shown in the following figure.

    (2) View moving average:

    2, which
    The content reflected in the average price and trend of the time interval, the moving average can bring the moving average to the moving average. The overall operation of the price in the past period is intuitively presented to us. Each line contains a different role and significance. Regarding the connection between them, let me talk about it next
    (1) The 5th moving average (attack line): The stock price rises and breaks through the attack line , And also show a rise, which will be bullish in the short term. In the same way, if the 5 -day moving average falls below the moving average, it will be short in the short term.
    (2) The 10th moving average (quotation line): When the trading line shows a continuous upward attack state in the disk, the stock price breaks through the trading line, indicating that the bandic midline rises, and the opposite declines.
    (3) 20 -day moving average (auxiliary line): The role is to assist in the 10 -day moving average, promote and correct the efforts and trends of price operation, and stabilize the direction of price trend operation. When the auxiliary line is continuously upward in the market, when the price breaks through the auxiliary line, this shows that the band -to -midline market has begun to see more. Refer to the mid -term movement trend of the stock price, and the lifeline has a strong pressure and supporting effect. The same is true in the disk. The reversal trend, guide the large -scale band level to run in the trend in advance. The basic main force attaches great importance to this moving average, and he plays a very important role in the mid -term movement trend of the stock price.
    (6) 120 -day moving average (Trend Line): The role is still the same, that is, the long -term reversal trend of the price is indicated, and guidance and guidance are required. Essence If the trend line is below the stock price, the reversal should not happen in a short period of time, and it will not reverse in more than ten days.
    (7) 250 -day moving average (annual line): If you want to have relevant references, just see the moving average. The company's basic situation and performance can be reacted through it.
    This above is only the main role of each line. If we want to have better and more accurate effects and answers, we should combine all the moving average to comprehensively consider it. I don't know which stocks will not suffer? Will there be some invisible dangers? You can poke this link to get your exclusive shares report! [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    3, what are the common forms of moving average?
    (1) Multi -head arrangement: It means that multiple moving average supports the stock price rising, then look more.

    (2) Blind arrangement: It shows multiple moving average anti -pressure stock prices, which is empty.

    (3) Silver Valley: As far as the short and medium line is concerned, they all wear graphics when they pass through the long line. There will be a quadrilateral or triangle below. The valley that appeared for the first time after the decline.
    (4) Golden Valley: Another valley is revealed behind the silver valley, which is generally more reliable than the buying point of the Silver Valley.

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  2. The MA5 in the stock is the 5 -day moving average, which is a part of the K -line chart. The moving average is a statistical processing method to average the stock price of several days, and then connects to a line to observe the trend of the stock price.
    The on moving average of 5 days, 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th, and 120th. The purpose is to achieve the average cost of some period of time, and the average cost of the mobile curve is based on the changes in the daily closing price line to analyze the long and short situation of the long and short period of time to judge the possible changes in the stock price.
    In general, the current price is above the average price, which means that the market demand is large and the market is optimistic; otherwise, the buying pressure is heavier and the market is lighter.
    The origin of the moving average on the 5th as an example to illustrate the origin of the moving average:
    The average price of 5 closing prices on the 1st to 5th on the 1st to 5th; To the 6th closing price on the 6th, the average value of arithmetic is obtained. In this way, a series of average prices can be obtained. The average price of these 5 -day price is connected to a 5 -day mobile average with a curve.
    In newbies can refer to the book systems of relevant parties in the early stage to learn about it, and at the same time combined with a simulated stock trading practice. This theory can be practiced quickly and effectively. The function is enough to analyze the broader market and individual stocks. It will help you to use it. I hope to help you and wish you a happy investment!

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