5 thoughts on “What brand of hearing aid 312 battery is good?”

  1. Hello, all hearing aid batteries are divided into domestic and imported. The voltage of imported batteries will be more stable, that is, the battery voltage will not decrease with the decrease of the power, which can ensure the sound of the hearing aid stable. It is recommended that you go to the professional hearing aid check center to buy batteries. Remember to put it in a cool and dry place when storing. I hope that my reply is helpful.

  2. Generally, the hearing aid battery import brand is better, but there is a distinction between high -energy batteries and powerful batteries. The use time is similar, but the powerful battery performance will be more stable.

  3. Different hearing aids are installed in different types of batteries, with a total of four models, 10: 3-5 days; 312: 5-7 days; No. 13: 7-10 days; 675: 15-20 days. The use time of the battery is related to the model of the battery, how much filial piety function, and the length of the wearing time. Generally, the professional hearing aid battery imported is good.

  4. The 312 battery is generally 5-7 days, and the price is generally 1-3 yuan. Generally, importing batteries are slightly more expensive than domestic.

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