1 thought on “What should I do with a pet shop shaving damage?”

  1. 1. Clean the mixed hair and clean wounds
    When the dog is accidentally injured when shaving, the pet owner should soothe the dog's emotions as soon as possible and carefully check its injury. If you can deal with it by yourself, you can put it on the Elizabeth circle to avoid licking the wound, and then trim the long hair around the wound, and use the tools such as gardenia, cotton swabs and other tools to clean the wounds on the wound, and then wash the wound with physiological salt water. Then wipe the dog with iodophor for disinfection to avoid wound infection.

    . Bringing and care for the wound
    In cleaning the dog's wound, it can stabilize its body, and then align the surface of its wound and sprinkle with the pet speed combination. As much as possible to penetrate the powder as much as possible, then use a sterile gauze to make a bandage. Be careful not to tie too strictly, so as not to be impermeable, and don't be too loose, so as not to get rid of the gauze easily.
    Is should not take a shower for the dog during the injury to avoid touching the wound infection. If you are worried about its hair dirty, you can use pet drying powder to avoid its wounds to rub the dirty hair. The role of hygiene.

    . Observe the wound and supplement nutrition
    The pet owner should pay attention to observing the recovery of the dog wound. If there are any abnormalities, such as swelling, water pus, etc. Create a debridement for doctors. Want to make the dog's wound faster, the pet owner can also add nutrition to it appropriately, feed some chicken porridge, nutrition paste or canned food to help it supplement the nutrition such as protein and iron, which will help promote promoting Restore of dog wounds.

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