2 thoughts on “Why do my dogs always catch my door when I sleep at night?”

  1. Dogs always like to grab the door when you sleep at night. There is no other reason because you have developed the habit of entering your bedroom at the beginning.
    In fact, many people are accustomed to letting it go to their bedrooms or even sleeping on the bed in the early days of pets. Until we feel that it really has a certain impact on ourselves, so for the dogs and their own health, my health is healthy Think, try to change this habit.
    It if you want to avoid this situation, it is actually very simple. Sort out a nest outside, and keep it out of the door for a few days, so that it can develop another habit.

  2. Why your dog always grabs your door while sleeping at night, and it is normal to want to enter your room. Because he is usually sticky. Pet dogs are like this. He almost lives with others. He is not like a housekeeping dog. Sleeping outside the door, he wouldn't have anything. Not used to saying.

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