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  1. The dog just hit the nest with the first month. Its immune procedure is:
    The first step: cough prevention (21-30 days)
    is actually common to nest cough, not only dog ​​club dogs will happen (Besides, many dog ​​clubs are not now a lot of dog society. What we imagine is simple), winter is the high incidence of dog cough, and many causes will cause the disease. Although it is not fatal, the treatment time (like a child's pertussis), the sick dog is very painful, and the owner is even more distressed. Especially the short -nose dog like Panago, the upper respiratory disease is easy to happen, so be careful, you can do it or you can do it or you can do it or you can do it or you can do it. Try to do as well.
    Step 2: Dedicide (you can start in 28 days)
    Most puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female dog through the placenta or milk. I have seen the white worm eggs in the new little golden retriever after the deworming.
    The normal insect repellent should start in 28 days, but because the puppies in 28 days clinically, the puppy is too small and it is not easy to master the dose of medication. It was found that there was an excessive poisoning of drugs. Started insects. Imported insect repellent is relatively safe, and the method of use is detailed.
    The deworming can only begin formal immunization procedures (take the Inteve vaccine as an example).
    3: Dog Erlin (42 days): Prevention of dog plague and small viruses
    The parent source antibodies that are immune to "dog plague" and "small dogs" are in six or seven weeks It has fallen to a relatively low level, which is not enough to resist the invasion of these two viruses. However, there are still other mother -source antibodies at this time, so 6 colors of seedlings cannot be injected for the time being, so as not to cause immunity failure. At this time, you can shoot the Dutch Intelvios. In the case, it can quickly play a role within one to two weeks after injection, which plays a certain immune effect on "dog plague" and "small dogs".
    If injecting 5 colors of seedlings at this time (note that it is not often said to be 6 united), it is best to be weaned after 2 weeks of weaning (that is, 30 days should be weaned) Interference affects immune effects.
    The fourth step: 62 days of injection of Intelway 5 couplet: prevention of canine plague, small virus, infectious hepatitis, canine dysnivirus, canine auxiliary flu
    Is it 5? The 6 couplet is more on the basis of the 5 union: the hook -end spiral body.
    6 Isn't two bottles of seedlings? One is frozen -dried powder, the other is a water agent, and the frozen dried powder is 5 couplet viral vaccine, and the water is a hook -end spiral body.
    Due to the unstable body of the puppy, the vaccine of the ribbon -end spiral body was injected in 3 months. You should prevent 6 kinds of diseases in 6 colors, and you actually only get a protective hook spiral body, and the others are gone.
    So remember that the 5 -combined seedlings to be injected within 3 months are Instead of 6 combined seedlings.
    . What should I do if there is no 5 -combined seedlings in the imported vaccine? Replace the bottle of water from 6 seedlings to 1 ml of injection water, then dilute the frozen dried powder, and directly inject it.
    The fifth step: 92 days (three months) injection of 6 units 1 needle rabies 1 needle, or directly 7 units and one needle. The so -called 7 union is 6 union rabies.
    Mo less or one or two more vaccines? No, less, not enough immune protection, more immune to the body!
    Is we can see that puppies can be injected 6 in many materials 6 Union. For example, the previous pet doctor will recommend such an injection solution:
    40-50 days to play 6 couplets, 6 units of 20-30 days, and two shots of 20-30 days, respectively 6 units and rabies, rabies, respectively. Essence
    But everyone should understand that there are many types of 6 couplets. In the past, many 6 units have no hook -end spiral body. The current 6 union contains the hook -end spiral body. So you can't look at 6 union.
    Chocked spiral body: Injecting within 3 months is not harmful to the puppy's body, mainly because of the success rate of immunity
    , for example, vaccine injection, your dog's specific immunity (that is, the vaccine injection vaccine (that is, the vaccine injection vaccine (that is, the vaccine injection vaccine The special immunity afterwards should be 95-98 %, but because your injection method is incorrect, the immunity you get will naturally be incomplete.
    It, the problem of hook -end spiral bodies began to report in 1995. People do not know that veterinarians and state institutions have not been propagated in place, but if you do n’t even know the veterinarian, it will make people very sad. Essence
    In summary, the vaccine of the newborn puppy is: 2-5-7 (6 single crazy) or (after weaning) 5-5-7 (6 single crazy)
    I dare not say that they can achieve 100 % immunity, not to fight, but they should fight it.
    The puppies gradually decreased due to the effect of breast milk antibodies 25 days later.
    Is when puppies are about 4 weeks (28-30 days), you can inject the Dutch Intelvi 2 combined seedlings. In fact, according to the effect of the vaccine, the single couplet is more suitable for dogs. Because there is no single -united, it is best to injected 2 combined seedlings at about 4 weeks.
    In 7 weeks of puppies (50-60 days) to inject the dogs in Intelway 4 seedlings. Generally, dogs can already be transported short -distance at this time, and then about 10 weeks (70-80 days) again. Inject a dog with a needle in Intelway 4 to strengthen the needle. (If the last shot of the dog purchased, the dog should be safer to injection after returning home).
    It puppies need to inject a needle single -connected rabies vaccine after 3 months.
    Note: The rabies vaccine can only be injected after the puppies are over 3 months.
    Finally remind everyone to apply for a dog raising certificate in accordance with the national requirements.

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