My puppy doesn't like to be hungry or not. Essence Essence

I knew it was hungry two days before I bought it. Later, I didn't call, and I stayed in the nest when I was hungry. Once, I slept late. I didn't get up in the morning. The little guy's hungry legs were soft, and they didn't bark. It will only call it twice when playing with it.

4 thoughts on “My puppy doesn't like to be hungry or not. Essence Essence”

  1. It's normal. Many friends who are unfamiliar with dog habits will think that dogs should make a "Wangwang" call at any time, thinking that this is a dog language. In fact, dogs are not always called anytime, anywhere, and they will not always be "Wangwang" in daily behavior. If you are in charge of the dog, you will find this.
    It dogs will be called (dog barking) in these cases:
    When you look at the door to protect your home;
    When you find dangerous goods;
    when the bitch is protecting the young;
    Is when the male dog encounters his own competition during his estrus;
    sometimes when he is playing with the owner, the reasons for the different personality of the dog are different. Some puppies are hungry. He will also bark for food. But most dogs do not do that, dogs and not calling for their personality, this is normal.

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