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  1. In learning, work, or life, many people have experienced writing. They are no stranger to composition. With the help of composition, we can improve our language organization ability. Or is it unprepared to composition? The following is the excellent composition of my puppy collected and organized. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    Orch a puppy's excellent composition 1 I have a beloved puppy, named "Little Gray". In the three years when I lived with it, it brought me a lot of happiness. Unfortunately, I was stolen later, and I still miss it so far.
    "Small Gray" is not large, with brown hair, two ears like radar. Especially the nose of its detective. Once, I hid its dog food in my toy box and sprayed some perfume nearby to let it find it. It smelled everywhere, and in less than two minutes, it found its dog food.
    It is very loyal to me. Once I played with my friends in the wild. The two sides hit together, unfortunately, the other party fought fiercely, hit me to the ground, and turned around and rode on me. At this time, the "little gray" watching was no longer able to help.
    After returning home, I saw "Little Gray" hungry and thirsty. Thinking of it for me a lot today, I gave it a pot of water and gave it three braised chicken legs.
    Since then, we have become a pair of good friends.
    "Little Gray" has left me for a long time, but in my heart, I will never forget it.
    The excellent composition of my puppy 2 once. I met a cute puppy on the road. From that time, I loved puppy, because it was cute and loved, so I asked my father to let let I raised him, and finally my dad finally agreed by my coquettishness, so I took the poor and cute puppy home.
    As soon as I got home, I immediately helped him to get the name with my sister. Its name was Xiaoliwen. After taking the name, my sister and I came to train Xiaoli to walk and shake hands. At noon, we started eating. Xiaoli gobbled in his mouth when he was eating. After eating, we began to help the dirty Xiaoliwen's bath and cleaned.
    At the beginning, we first poured water on Xiaoliwen, and as a result, Xiaoli became a "dog" in the soup, and then we wiped the soap on Xiaoliwen. It looked like "marshmallow". Eat it! Then we rinsed the soap on Xiaoliwen with water. Finally, we blow dry the water on the hair dryer, just like the breeze of spring passed by the wind from Xiao Liwen.
    Now, Xiaoliwen is already our family, so I have to take care of Xiaoli and let it grow up healthily. Do not throw their own dogs like some people, because Xiaoli is always my baby. Essence
    Orly a puppy excellent composition 3 I have a puppy, its name is A Yu, watery eyes, dark black, small ears, and A Yu's nose is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual, this is very spiritual. The innocent and lovely curling lion dog, the tail shakes and swings like a rolling big pill. Don't look at A Yu smaller than me, but he runs faster than me!
    A Yu likes to eat bones. Meat. Always running around, like going to the grand forest sports meeting tomorrow. A Yu is lively and cute, and it runs with me. jump rope. hide and seek.
    one day, A Yu didn't even eat his favorite bones, but stayed there with a motionless sleep. On the morning of the third morning, I came to A Yu and was surprised. Wow! It turned out that A Yu gave birth to a baby and gave birth to three babies. They were running lively and cute everywhere. Suddenly, I found that there was an Aben disappeared. A Yu went to find it immediately, but I couldn't find it. Ash was a master climbing!
    What, my four puppies are cute. Do you like them?
    Oreponed composition 4 I have a naughty and lovely puppy. Its name is Mao Mao.
    This body is white, with slightly spots, a round head with a pair of big pearl -like eyes, a black nose and a small mouth below. It is as cute as a small velvet ball!
    Srichhys sometimes like to eat meat, sometimes like potato chips, and sometimes they like to eat bones, and occasionally eat sausages. It is also my "little alarm clock", and every morning it goes to my bed to wake me up.
    Once, my father and mother were not at home, and I was writing homework. Probably Mao Mao was too hungry, so I went to the kitchen to find it. Fortunately, we ate fish in the morning, and there were some fish bones on the ground. After a while, it filled my stomach and found me as soon as I turned around. It was a few times on me. It was so cute!
    say that dogs are human friends. No false. Since Mao Mao came to my house, he not only brought me joy, but also brought a lot of fun to his family. I like it, I am willing to be a "good friend" forever!
    Oreponed composition of my puppy 5 My family has a beautiful puppy. Its hair is very soft. The black and white color is like a national treasure panda, two eyes? The salty dizziness ?? Emperor and wasteful abdomen punishment ?? I didn't smell it. Mao Mao's sleeping look is very interesting, it lay in the nest, his limbs stretched out like a turtle. Sometimes it holds the two front paws with its chin, and the two backs are straight. What a beautiful posture! rn   有一次,毛毛在家里小便了,我发现后生气地说:“毛毛,你干坏事了吗?”,毛毛吓得马上躲到床底下,我怎么也抓不到它,于是我Lied to say, "Mao Mao, eat." It rushed out quickly, went to the balcony place to eat, etc. After that, I closed the door on the balcony to catch it, but it ran to the nest to cover my face with a doll and hid. People!
    Mao Mao now learned to congratulate, shake hands, goodbye and other actions. It is almost love. Please come and take a look at my house!
    Outstanding composition of my puppy 6 When I was four or five years old, the neighbor's grandfather's house raised a puppy called Lele.
    At that time, I went to kindergarten, and my mother often took me to play with puppies.
    . It is particularly cute, with a pair of straight ears like a donkey, watery eyes, especially gods, big noses, particularly sensitive, full of black and yellow hair, walking up "嗖.
    one day, my mother took me to play. I brought Lele's favorite ham sausage. Lele was very excited when I saw me coming in. I ran to my side happily and on my feet. I walked around intimately, and I couldn't stop making the sound of "whine", as if you were saying, why don't you come to play with me for many days? I quickly picked it up and took out the ham sausage from my pocket. As soon as I opened the packaging, Lele smelled the fragrance. I saw that he put the ham on the ground and bite the packaging and eloquence. I watched it blankly!
    The music, do you not like it?
    my puppy is excellent Composition 7 I like my puppy, it is very cute.
    The eyes of the puppy are as blue as gems. Its mouth is a three -petal mouth, and the puppy's round avatar leather ball is round.
    The puppy is very picky.
    Remember that it was a wind and sunshine afternoon. It's time to eat. I gave the puppy a bone and a piece of meat, but when the puppy was not there, I poured the rice. After I came back to see it, I said to it, "Where's your meat and bones?" It called me "Wang Wang", as if I was eaten by me. "I doubted it to hide the meat to In the soil, I turned over, really in the soil! I told it for a meal, he seemed to understand what I said, and stood obediently.
    The relationship between puppies and me is also very good.
    Remember that I was writing homework and worried. At this time, the puppy opened a small plum blossoms instantly from my paper, and my mood became cheerful.
    I like my puppy because it is cute and naughty. I believe there are many animals you like? Come and write!
    Oremia's excellent composition 8 When my sixth birthday, my aunt bought me a teddy dog. I like this cute puppy.
    Teddy's eyes turn around every day, so smart. A brown -yellow rolling hair, soft to the touch, the short tail tilted up. I also put a flower clothes for it! looks cute!
    Teddy is sometimes naughty. One afternoon, my mother and I were sleeping. Teddy jumped up and down in the kitchen. After a while, there was a sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. I didn't do anything on the ground, and I knew it was Teddy's trouble at a glance.
    Teddy loves bones. At that time, my mother and I were eating pork ribs, and the remaining bones were left to Teddy. I deliberately threw a bone into the air. Teddy raised his head, and his mouth accepted. Then he hid in a corner with the bone, stunned with interest, and fell asleep beautifully after eating!
    Wose a stranger to our doorstep, Teddy "Wang Wang" kept calling, Teddy is like our soldiers.
    I love our teddy puppy because it is cute!
    Oreponed composition of my puppy 9 Last year, I bought me a puppy from Xi'an. This puppy is lively and cute. I discussed with my sister for a while and decided to name it Beibei.
    Belbe with furry ears, big black eyes, yellow and white fur, beautiful. Beibei is not only cute, beautiful, but also very sensitive.
    one morning, when I took Beibei out to play, when I met my good friend was talking, my hand accidentally loosened, and Beibei ran. This can make me rush. When I am ready to chase, my good friend said, "It's okay, it will come back with a sense of smell in a while!" Sure enough, Belobes was back at noon!
    In listening to my introduction, do you also want to raise a puppy?
    Oreponed composition of my puppy 10 My family raised a puppy. It is all white, watery eyes, and triangular ears. It is very funny.
    The puppy likes to eat very much. If it is hungry, it will gently stab me. When you take some food and throw it into its bowl gently, it will be cheerful to the side of the food, and then starts to dine with concentration. Hold your paws, and finally eat with your mouth little by little.
    . After eating this beautiful meal, it lay quietly on the cool ground and fell asleep. It fell asleep in four feet towards the heavens and the earth for a while, and then he was lying on the ground for a while. The younger brother accidentally made a noise, and his ears were erected alertly. It only saw that his brother was playing with toys, and he glared at his brother.
    Once, I was bullied by my classmates at school, and I was angry. When I saw it, the puppy saw it immediately, and immediately ran to my room. It also made a ghost face, and in the end, it still coaxed me happily.
    This is my puppy, cute! What do you think?
    Orly puppy excellent composition 11 I have a very cute puppy. This puppy is brought back from abroad and gives me a gift. The puppy has two big eyes with two big eyes. , Little mouth, dark eye circles, I listen to me that this is a very obedient puppy. I call it Congcong. This puppy is very good. I take it to take a walk every day.
    one day I and Cong Cong went to play with many people that day. We played downstairs in our house and went out to find out that Congcong was gone. I was anxious to watch it. There is no such thing as a hurry. On the morning of the 2nd day, I went downstairs and continued to find it. I found it out of finding a puppy lying on the street. I ran over and saw it. I am very happy, and I and Cong Cong and I went home highly.
    It from this is that I and Cong Cong can't be separated, and until now we can't divide it.
    The my puppy is also my friend
    my puppy excellent composition 12 My grandmother has a cute little milk dog, its name is meat, named it meat The reason is because it is fat! It's very cute to walk.

    It often go to my grandmother's house to play with it when I take a holiday. It also listens to me the most. I told it to sit down and sit down, I told it to roll it and roll it. It's fun. I often throw a wooden stick and throw it to the distance to pick it up. Every time it pick it back, I will touch its head. We are happy to play.
    This time is so fast, and I have to go home to school again. The little milk dog always follows me, and is reluctant. A pair of round eyes seems to tell me what, is it to tell me not to leave? Intersection Or let me play with it again? I squatted down and said to it: I want to go home to school, I will miss you, I will come to see you every week. It seemed to understand my words, rubbing my head at my feet, shaking the tail, and then sitting at the door of my grandmother's house.
    I went home happily. After reading the extra -curricular book, I went to bed. In the dream, I dreamed of playing games with the little milk dog again.
    Oreponed composition 13 in my bed with a toy puppy, which was given me by my ten -year -old sister.
    "Puppy" is 8 cm long. It has a pair of big eyes, as if observing the movement. A small and exquisite mouth grows under a sensitive nose, and a pair of big ears hangs down. The hair of his whole body is pink. His legs were strange and seemed to have only two legs. It turns out that there are two legs behind!
    Once, when I was doing homework, my mother came back. As soon as I saw my mother, I ran out to see my mother did not buy me. Sure enough, my mother bought me grapes. I took a string and went to the room and did my homework while eating grapes. The words I wrote like this are very ugly. I looked at the "puppy" again, and I saw it as if I said to me, "Little master, when doing homework, you must be serious and deliberate, not like you." I seemed to hear it to me Speaking, I started to be serious and did my homework. Since then, I will never do this again.
    Ah, toy puppy, you are really my good friend and my loyal partner!
    The excellent composition of my puppy 14 My home has many dolls. My favorite is a puppy- "Little Snowflake".
    "Little Snowflakes" hair is white, with a piece of hair, like a small snowflake in winter. Its clothes are like a "sea of ​​flowers" look more pure and elegant. There is a gem in its chest, if wearing a crown, like a princess.
    I put the "little snowflake" in front of the window, and it stared at a brown puppy outside the window. Maybe I thought of the outside world, make new friends with puppies. When I wrote my homework, "Little Snowflake" sat aside, as if saying, "Master, write your homework to play with me!" I see it really looks like that day, and sometimes seize time, sometimes I am me. I will take it to my classmates to play "Family". When the "little snowflakes" are about to leave, it seems poorly said, "Master, play again for a while." In the evening, I held the little snowflake in my arms to sleep, It will "sleep" soon, I think it must be tired.
    Is when I do homework, "little snowflakes" cheer for me; when I am tired, it will accompany me, and I am happy; when I sleep, hold it, it will make me fall asleep with peace of mind. Thank you, my good partner, "Little Snowflake."
    The excellent composition of my puppy 15 My family raised a cute puppy called "Tyson". It has a pair of large watery eyes, a brown hair, and it feels smooth. A pair of ears are rolled, very cute.
    "Tyson" is particularly greedy. I also deliberately pretend to be sick. Do you want to hear it?
    One day, "Tyson" saw me eating Apple, and ran to me, staring at the apple, and "humming" in my mouth and letting me give it the Apple. So I deliberately made a gesture of throwing Apple out. It thought I threw the apple out and began to look for Apple. "‘ Tyson ’! Apple is here.” I shouted to it. At this time, it reacted. "Tyson" may feel that it should be implemented: pretending to be sick. It trembled all over. I thought that it was really sick, so I immediately gave it the apple. What I didn't expect was that after giving him an apple, it immediately gobbled.
    It is also a smart puppy, and it will pee without people who teach themselves. I think it should be learned by us that we humans go to the toilet in this way.
    do you think my puppy "Tyson" is cute?

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