3 thoughts on “What does a dog crying at home mean”

  1. 1. Dogs "cry" in the middle of the night are mostly caused by hunger and loneliness. It is recommended that you give the dog more food more at night, and the dog's nest is warm.
    2, he hopes to get your attention, but it cannot roar hard because you are the master, so he represented it with humming: I need it, just like we speak in a begging tone.
    3, some people say that it is unlucky, which means that someone is going to die. Dogs can see things that people can't see. Dogs cry nearby because it sees the people in the prefecture. Essence

  2. I do n’t know that you have heard that there is no saying in the people. If the dogs at home suddenly make a crying like humans, they must immediately sell the dog because it indicates that something bad will happen.
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  3. Caused by physical discomfort.
    When the foreign body is entered in the eyes, the dog will cry, as if crying. When the eyelashes are born, the dog will cry. Inflammation and infectious diseases can also cause dogs to cry, as if crying.
    While tears, the dog's eyes also have purulent secretions, then it may be infected with inflammation or infectious diseases. It is recommended to take it for medical examination.

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