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  1. Facing the smell, most of the cats did not refuse, and the shoveling officers were also relieved.

    But in fact, it is not something that can be eaten by any seafood cats. It cannot be feeds the cats to feed seafood by the stereotype of "cat eating fish".

    1. Ink fish, shrimp, clams, etc.

    This can not be eaten raw, and the second cannot be eaten over.

    The raw cuttlefish and clam foods have a large amount of thiamine enzymes, and thiamine enzymes will decompose vitamin B1.

    If cats lack the important nutrients of vitamin B1, it will cause cats to have problems such as loss of appetite, vomiting dehydration, collapse, decreased weight, etc. It can not be walked at first, and in severe cases, it can also lead to paralysis of the heart function, and finally illness due to heart failure.

    It, in addition to cuttlefish, shrimp, clams, octopus and crabs are the same.

    2. Circles

    This foods are not unable to eat, but they cannot be used as a single food for cats.

    The fish, autumn saury, fin fish, yellow sweet fish, etc. The fish that are green on the back of them belong to the cattle.

    On one of human foods, germ products are very popular and have the effect of preventing hypertension. It is a food that integrates delicious, healthy, and cosmetic.

    Itburies are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and they need to consume vitamin E when decomposing such substances.

    The lack of cat's vitamin E will cause cats to suffer from "yellow fat".

    "yellow fat disease" will make cats' subcutaneous fat change color. If the cat's mental state is good and lose vitality, especially if there is a uncomfortable symptom of a touch, then you need to doubt whether "yellow fat fat is yellow fat fat Symptoms "

    If the shoveling officer wants cats to eat meat, the shoveling officer can not only use catfish as food, but also boiled chicken breasts.

    3. Abalone and snails

    Is that animals are easy to consume one of them when they eat abalone and snails.

    This part of the cat is relatively soft and special is the ears. Once ingested, the cat's skin is swollen or even inflamed, and it may be necrotic.

    Ip, if you eat seafood for cats, be sure to cook it! Intersection Intersection

    Otherwise, if it is not frozen or cooked at high temperature, the cat is likely to be infected with parasites, and it will be lost when it is time.

    At the same time, when feeding, make sure that there is no fishbone, and some of the cat -raised cats do not pick fish thorns.

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