Zhangzhou men responded to "14 pounds of cats collapsed bookshelves": At the time, it was very collapsed. How can I lose weight for cats?

3 thoughts on “Zhangzhou men responded to "14 pounds of cats collapsed bookshelves": At the time, it was very collapsed. How can I lose weight for cats?”

  1. A man prefers to read a book. The number of books in the family has exceeded 1,000 books, but the man is more casual. These books are put on the simple bookshelf. I did not expect that his cat would suppress the summer vacation. This pet cat's weight is nearly 15 pounds, which is indeed overweight. If the cat is too obese, it will have a negative impact on the health of the cat. The principle of losing weight for cats is actually not much different from losing weight. Pay attention to diet and exercise more.
    The more than 1,000 books of the man were filled with only two rows of bookshelves, and these bookshelves looked very simple, but they were only composed of some strips. The nature of cats like to climb up and down, so this cat will basically lie on the top of the bookshelf when sleeping during the day. However, what surprised the cat was that the summer vacation was overwhelmed. At that time, the cat owner was not at home, because of work because of work. However, there was a surveillance video in the house. After the white man returned home to see the books scattered in one place, it was also very surprised at first, but after checking the surveillance video, he found the culprit.
    The cats fell to the ground with the collapse of the bookshelf, but the cat's response was more sensitive and was not hurt by the bookshelf. After seeing himself seemed to be in trouble, the cat ran away quickly. Fortunately, the cat did not return to the scene later, caught the branches on the ground, otherwise the man would definitely feel distressed. Many people are more doting when they raise pets, and let pets eat casually. In fact, this is not conducive to the health of pets. It is easy to get sick if it is too obese.
    If want to lose weight for cats, you must pay attention to the cat's usual diet. Do not eat some high calories, try to feed the cats with rich dietary fiber. At the same time, if you have nothing to do, you have to take a cat and take a walk. You can buy some toys for the cat, so that the cat can move as much as possible. Cats' energy is generally strong. If it is not eaten by Hycera, it will generally not be too fat, so pay attention to diet is the top priority.

  2. If you want to lose weight for cats, let cats eat less cat food, you can play more with cats, increase the amount of the cat's exercise, and eat some probiotics for cats.

  3. As the saying goes, you can eat seven points to lose weight and practice three points. You must eat less for cats to lose weight. Do not feed too much food. Finally, buy more funny cat sticks and teasing cats. You can lose weight for cats.

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