Where is the Chongqing pet cat market? Is it reliable?

Where is the Chongqing pet cat market? Is it reliable?

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  1. Pet shop
    Pet shop, this should be the most commonly used channel for our pets. Moreover, pet shops are everywhere. In first -tier cities, pet shops or pet hospitals are open near every community.
    The advantages of pet shops are: very convenient, and you can see the real thing, to go to some familiar pet shops, and to buy cats, it is also more secure.
    but there are also some pet shops without conscience. They sell sick cats for a long time. Most milk cats have not been weaned, so they are anxious to sell. For cat friends who value the variety, there are still problems with hybridization.
    So I suggest: After understanding the reputation of the store online, you can choose carefully.
    or friends who can consult a cat, and then buy a guaranteed shop. After all, buying an unhealthy cat is not only a loss of money. If the cat is carried by germs, it will have an unfavorable impact on everyone. Essence
    So when choosing a pet, be sure to look at the guarantee of the store to avoid being deceived!
    The pet market
    It generally there are several pet markets in our lives, buying and selling various types of pets, or the flower and bird market.
    , like a pet shop, we can see the real thing with their own eyes.
    The disadvantages are also obvious. The environment is very messy compared to pet shops, and the flower and bird market is even more miscellaneous. There are not only various plants, but also some aquatic animals.
    Cats are a kind of animal that likes quiet, especially afraid of strangers. In this messy environment, the body and mind are not healthy, and for some cat traffickers who are only profitable, the source of cats and feeding of cats We can't know.
    So I suggest that you can consider it carefully, because there is always a certain risk, there are more cats on the week. When you go to buy a cat here, you can find an experienced person to accompany him.
    The roadside stalls
    The roadside stalls are also common physical channels. There are many owners or cat traffickers who raise cats. After the cat produces, the kitten will be taken out for sale.
    But the risk of this transaction method is very high, because it is completely without after -sales protection. Often you are basically impossible after you buy it.
    So when you see someone selling cute cats on the side of the road, you must buy it carefully. Even if you buy it, you have to go to a regular pet hospital to check the cat.
    The friend's home
    The friends who do not have special requirements for varieties can receive our little cuteness by supporting the way.
    The master of my family is presented by friends. This source is more reliable, but there is no way to choose a variety, but all cats, the fun of breeding is the same!
    Is encounter
    This also pays attention to fate with you. Often, we will meet a little cute on the way home. Give it a warm home. Very warm thing.

  2. There are too many pet cat markets. You can find one who is close to you and save a lot of parking fees, but it is not reliable, it depends on whether you understand the cat. If you don’t understand Fully. When buying cats in Chongqing, there is a video you have to watch, the name is: Chongqing low price buying tutorial. My godfather, I bought a blue cat in Chongqing before. It cost 2500 yuan. At that time, it was not expensive to buy a blue cat at 2500 yuan. However, after watching this video, I found out that the blue cat of this kind of product is not worth 2,500 yuan. It really wants to buy it, it is worth 600 yuan. It took 1900 yuan to spend more than 1900 yuan. Therefore, don't buy it without buying it. It is recommended to watch this video to avoid being pitted. I took 5 minutes to write this answer, hoping to help you.

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