5 thoughts on “Cats have ear mites, what kind of medicine is effective?”

  1. Cat ear mites are a parasite, usually living in a warm and humid place. Cleaning ear mites can use pet cleaning liquids for pets.
    The cat's ears can be easily ignored and cleaned up. The remaining moisture and dirt will turn into ear mites. The temperature in the cat's ears is very suitable for the breeding of ear mites. measure.
    1, the performance of ear mites:
    If the ear mites have been long, the owner can smell the sour smell as soon as the cat is near the cat. The ear mites in the cat's ears will make the cat feel itching Stop scratching and shaking your head. Captive blood can be seen around the cat's ears, and some places will fall off.
    2. Take reasonable measures:
    Ploping pets with cotton swabs first, clean the outer ears, wipe it clean after softening, then aimed at the cat's ear canal into the pet cleaning fluid, cover the cat's ears lightly After rubbing tens of seconds, let the cat throw it out by themselves.
    3, regular inspection:
    The owner needs to check the cat's body regularly, not only check the cat's ears, but also check whether the cat's body has other problems, so as to find it in time to solve it in time.

  2. Many ear washing fluids are commonly used in dog and cat. Although the effect of cleaning ear mites can be achieved, the cat's ears are actually more sensitive. For this point, there will be a cat washing liquid for cats. The formula of natural plants will not hurt the cat, and you can use it with confidence. In the process of using the ear washing fluid, the cat responded violently. It is recommended not to pour the ear washing directly into the ear canal, switch to the method of using cotton moisturizing medicinal solution and then wiped to clean the ear mites.

  3. My family is an ordinary cat, which is a civet cat veterinarian that uses anti -Ling Ling 10ml to wipe the cat's ears with three pounds of water

  4. The British Holy Road is very good. It is necessary to have a special effect medicine, which is a happy little nozzle. It is simple and easy to spray. But you have to prepare for psychological preparations, and spraying ear medicine for cats is a combination of physical strength and technology. My family meow. Essence Essence
    In the cats to dig their ears often and keep their ears clean. San Luwei also has a medicine for daily cleaning. It can also be used, but it is mainly based on that special effect. If it is serious, it can also be used in conjunction with Hanzhong's ear medicine. This is how the meow meow is cured, and don't let the cat scratch your ears

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