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  1. Cats
    Mats even if they are familiar with you, and they will bite you, and they never feel sorry for it. For why cats bite, people can often only explain them through their own speculation. If you can guess their intentions, guessing that it may be bitten by cats.

    The first reason the cat never shows mercy is that they are enough. Under normal circumstances, when the cat is impatient, it will use your paws to obstruct your behavior. If you continue to continue with interest, the cat will give you a bite. For example, some cats don't like to be touched. If you encounter such cats, you need to know what is suitable, or you simply don't stroke it and play games with it.
    Secondly, when the cat is afraid or feels threatened, it will bite people. This is a cat's instinct, because of the need for protection of itself. Cats will send some signals before attacking you, including the back and forth twist, ears swing, pupil enlargement, muscle tightness, and stop "snoring" sound. Once you see these signals, you should immediately stop making the cat's scared behavior. And appease the cat in a timely manner.
    Third, some owners put their fingers in the cat's mouth when they were young to bite them. Over time, cats would think that there was no problem to bite. However, with the growth of cats, their teeth become more sharp, and you may not be as simple as you only leave a few tooth prints when you are bitten.
    Is when your cat bites you, all you have to do is to "ignore it", don't stroke it, don't look at it, treat it as invisible, just like no cat at home. In this way, cats will feel that their living environment is more comfortable and more secure. After a few days, it may take the initiative to come to the door to find you, and you don't have to worry about you be bitten by touching it.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, 1. Cats express their dissatisfaction or disgusting emotions by biting people. This is a relatively common reason. Cats are very relatives, but sometimes they have a very cold and cold attitude towards people. Play together. When it is not emotional or does not want to take care of you, if the cat is forcibly let the cat play with themselves, the cats will be unhappy. At first, the cat will use a roar or backward way to express their dissatisfaction. If this time The shoveling officer did not understand or understand. The meaning of the cat said that it is still my own, and the cat will launch an attack on the people who anger it. Or the shoveling officer forcibly touched the more sensitive parts of the cat, such as tails, belly, etc. When the cat was very upset, it also actively attacked humans. In fact, the cat's language expression ability is very strong. They can make various voices, and they can convey information through their own bodies, such as when they are angry and scared. The shoveling officer can understand what the cats want to express according to the obvious characteristics of cats. When the cat is unhappy, the shoveling officer does not touch them. Shove officer.n2. Cat bites is the learning process of his hunting behavior. Many shovel officers found that they were often bitten by cats during the process of playing with cats. The general situation is to play and play well by the cat's sharp teeth, although the cats use it. The force is not great. Cats are carnivorous animals living for hunting. They have faced competition since their lifetime. It can be said that hunting behaviors are their instincts. When the kitten grows up, he starts to play with his brothers and sisters. This is also a process of learning skills. Mom will teach the kitten to bite the neck of the prey to make the enemy. The cat bite the owner's behind five reasons. The shoveling officer needs to correctly guide his behavior. If the shoveling officer is put on the cat's mouth, and then suddenly the action is taken away. Hands are used as prey, and then they instinctively catch and bite. In this case, when the shoveling officer can apply the bitterness agent when they play with them. When the cat tastes bitter, it will naturally dislike the fingers. Over time, it will not be interested in the owner's hand. If the shoveling officer wants to play with the cat, he can use toys, such as a teasing cat stick to play with the kitten to divert their attention. Let cats know that the teasing cat stick is its prey. This can not only meet the cat's sports needs, but also reduce the cat's interest, thereby effectively establishing a good relationship between cats and people.n3. The cat is expressed to the shoveling officer. In fact, many shoveling officers have found that although their own cats like to bite themselves, they are not painful most of the time. Generally speaking, as long as the shoveling officer does not go to the Lord to be angry, the cat owner, not provoking them, most cats will not deliberately bite the shoveling officer. The cats bitten the shoveling officer, but they particularly liked the master's performance. Cats like shovel officers, so they will suddenly be excited. For them, they are in a particularly exciting state every day. They want to find shovel officers to play together. At this time, cats like to fight with the owner. If it bite gently, it is the cat's performance. If the shoveling officer and the cat stayed together at home, and the owner was busy with his own affairs and ignored the cat. At this time, the cat would be boring, and then hinted by the owner to hint by the owner to play with himself.n4. Cats may feel uncomfortable teeth. At the stage of teeth injury or teeth, cats like to bite things to grind their teeth. Cats, like humans, need to change teeth. At the stage of long teeth or teeth, their teeth often feel particularly uncomfortable. In order to make their teeth more comfortable, cats will look for things to bite. Many cats will know Choose to bite the owner's clothes and pants, and sometimes the cat will bite the owner's shoes. Of course, if the shovel officer's hand is next to it, the cat will bite the owner directly. At this time, they will hold their teeth with the hands of shovel officers. This is what we often say -grind teeth. This situation is very easy to solve. The shoveling officer can prepare some molar rods and some molar toys for the cat. For cats who are injured during the dental change or teeth, it is effective.n5. Cats like to bite people by their personality. Some shoveling officers will find that their cats like to bite particularly, and some shit officers will also say that their cats will never bite. Whether cats like to bite people depends on their own personality, and different cats are different. In most cases, the descendants of pet cats are often more docile, not only because they have been in contact with the owner and live together, but also have the influencing factors of mothers.n4 morenBleak

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