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  1. Cat salt salt should be dissolved in water first, and then the cat is orally.
    The observation of cat dehydration on cats salt. The replenishment salt is an oral replenishment side promoted by the World Health Organization to the world to treat people and certain livestock and poultry dehydration.
    The body fluids quickly to maintain the balance of potassium and sodium in the body, effectively promote the absorption of electrolytes, moisture and nutrients, promote uric acid excretion, and prevent acid poisoning.
    The due to high temperature, heat stroke, poisoning, viral diarrhea, bacterial diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, transportation, etc., and the nutritional supplement of diseased animals, maintain the normal metabolism of the body, usually add to animal drinking water, add adding to animals drinking water. This product can increase appetite.
    The brief description of cat maintenance
    If the cat's eyes are clean and do not need care. For brown hard secretions, you can use cotton or coffee remover pads into the physiological saline and soak it. Wipe it gently along the eyes to the end of the eye. We can wipe it back and forth several times, soften the secretion, and then clean up. The eyes of healthy cats will not have viscous secretions, nor will they shed tears, if the cat shows this symptom.
    We we should judge the timeline of this symptom. This symptom is more than 12 hours, which shows that this is a symptom caused by pathological causes. It is necessary to treat medical treatment to avoid deterioration of the disease. If we make sure that the cat's ear has no disease, we only need to treat the cat once a month to care for the cat. There is no need to clean up, care, and over -care can cause inflammation of the ear.
    If the breed of folding the ear cats or roll -ear cats, we need to care more attentively. Because of genetic mutations, the ears are smaller and drooping, which can easily cause poor ventilation and cause ear diseases. Although the ears of the ear cats are standing, the ears are curled at the back, but because the ear shell is hard and soft, it is difficult to clean up. We should pay attention.

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