5 thoughts on “What should I do if my girlfriend treats the cat as a biological child?”

  1. Girlfriend has devoted too much care to the cat, and you feel angry and irritable. You also have a clearer self -knowledge of yourself, and find that you are sensitive and weak and helpless. It may be that you think your girlfriend puts too much love on cats, and does not love you so much. This is a kind of jealous and jealous psychology. Why do you actually be jealous with the weak cat? I think this is as when you say that you are weak and helpless now, and you especially need care from others.
    In a new city, my girlfriend should be the person you can rely most, and she did not put more attention on you, but put it on the cat, and let you take care of her cat to take care of the cat You will inevitably feel unbalanced. "Everything must be organized, otherwise I will be very irritable and collapsed." It is necessary to organize things. This is also a manifestation of lack of security. Without order to mean confusion, chaos means that you cannot control it. It shows that your psychological energy is indeed very low now. "Without the kind of sedation before, I care about others. At the same time, I don't have the same time with others as much as I used to be so angry." You are not enough to take care of your own energy now. Essence
    It is not easy to come out of this low -energy state, providing you with a few ideas, hoping to help you.
    , I notice my heart and build a sense of value.
    . Your self -perceive is already very good, and we can also dig deeper. Ask yourself why you have this feeling of weakness and helplessness. Is it because of the new place, the new girlfriend brings you too much uncertainty? Is it because you are not very familiar with everything in your life. Do you feel difficult to grasp? Finding the problem that causes your low psychological energy, we can face and solve it more targeted.
    , communicate with your girlfriend to express your feelings and needs.
    It at this stage, your girlfriend is the closest person in your life. You also need to come from his concern. It is very important to deal with the relationship with her. You care about her cat too much, let you help the cat's cat -care, you can say frankly: "I feel a little weak now, and there is no extra energy to help you take care of the cat. I need to come from your care. I hope you can put a little bit more on me. "
    three, try to accept your girlfriend's attitude towards life.
    Girlfriend like cats so much, it may be a spiritual sustenance for her. Is she taking care of the cat alone before becoming your girlfriend? Cats may already be like a loved one for her. You can refuse to help your girlfriend take care of the cat, but you can't stop your girlfriend from protecting her beloved.
    four, self -adjust, take care of yourself.
    In some time, a person stands quietly and feels the flow of his inner emotions. You can use some meditation to calm your heart. You can write a diary. Many chaotic thinking and emotions become clear once recorded.

  2. You can communicate with her and propose your dissatisfaction with her behavior. You cannot accept her to treat her cat as a biological child and negotiate together.

  3. If you really like him, you should accept the reality of his cat. He has been raised for nine years. He and the cat have deep feelings. Suddenly, you will not let him support her. Many people are raising small animals, this. Think that raising a small animal is equivalent to raising a child. He cherishes this relationship. So you can't force him. You still accept his cat, reality. After getting married, I slowly tried to go out of the cat.

  4. You are upset, you can express to her how you don't like her like this. But she may prefer animals. After you mention it, she may feel that you are a person without love. So you're upset in your heart, and there is no need to say it.

  5. You can also find a chance to communicate with your girlfriend. Two people take a step back, so that life will be better.

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