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  1. Cats with collars can indeed affect health.
    The people will choose to give cat band collars. On the one hand, it is given a cat identity on the one hand. On the one hand, it is considered good. In fact, the cat collar does have a certain health impact for cats. From another perspective, humans always feel uncomfortable with a collar.
    The people believe that cats with collar (now many collars have the function of flea -driven flea) to help cats stay away from flea. In fact, the so -called driving flea collar does not have a great effect. Generally, flea collar is sometimes effective After a period of time, you need to replace it. The owner generally thinks that it is very good. In fact, the flea collar does not work after excessive efficacy.
    The cat collars need more attention, especially when cats start to bring the collar because they are uncomfortable, and the collar cannot grasp it but hurts themselves. The collar is dried, and the moisture will remain in the cat's neck that causes bacteria near the neck to produce bacteria. If it is not well handled, it will be infected.
    has seen in animal hospitals. Many cat babies are not recommended to wear collars because the owner is unreasonable to wear collar, which causes the cat's neck to lose hair or even damage the pus. Therefore, when there is no time to take care of the cat. Some special cases hurt the cat's neck because of the climbing of other family supplies, and the cat will also hurt.
    In fact, I personally don't think of the problem of cats with cats. Unless the owner has a lot of space to care about and accompany it, it is still recommended to take off the collar, because it is not possible to avoid accidents.

  2. Cats are the most common pets, and many people choose to raise cats. Meow will sell cute, this reason is enough to be liked by people. Cats are also important to take care of cats. There are many problems to take care of cats. One of them has a headache for cat owners. Is this problem that cat's wearing collar will affect health?
    Cat wearing collars will affect health
    You can think of it from another angle. If you are a cat, will you like the owner to wear the collar? I think you don't like it. How troublesome to wear a circle, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is. Wearing a cat collar will affect the cat's mood and then affect health. Cats are uncomfortable and often grab the collar. This will cause the position of the wearing ring to be caught, which will affect the cat's health.
    The collar of cats has many types of bells, collars of deworming, collars of flea, and so on. If it is a collar of a bell, it may affect the cat's hearing after a long time. What do you want to have a bell even one by one, how unsatisfactory is it. Cats were like quiet animals, and the sound of cat walking was silent. How many collars you have affected its life, affected its life, and affected it to catch mice, which would affect its emotions and then affect its health.
    If it is better to have special effects, others have a little use of cats. However, the cat will still catch the collar, and in the end it will cause damage to the position of the wearing ring, affecting health.
    In short, I personally feel that wearing collars for cats will affect health. Therefore, for the cat's mental health and physical health, it is not recommended to wear collars for cats.

  3. Hi, shit officer! This is everyone's pet, I hope the answer of the little pet is helpful to you:
    Recently, when the little pet was surfing online, I saw a video. In the video, the shoveling officer said that seeing the cat can't catch it, he wanted to laugh, and the comment area was also a show. Xiao Chong wondered, can the shovel officer still laugh if he knows the harm of the cat's wearing collar?
    It's from the Internet
    In fact, some shoveling officers lack the opinion of "following the trend with the trend" in the process of raising cats. Fan, do not consider whether the behavior will cause "potential damage" to the cat, such as wearing a collar of the cat.
    This collar is the beginning of the public's vision in recent years, good -looking, identity nameplate or mosquito repellent, and mosquito repellent. The small collar seems to have multiple functions.
    1) For beauty
    , you can see a dazzling collar to see a certain treasure or a search. There are bowls, ties, and bells. The style is rich and the shape is also very cute. If it is only occasionally used as a piece of shooting props, it is not tight.
    2) Identification of identity

    has many shovel to wear the cat collar to provide relevant family information on it. If the cat is lost, some people see the cat collar on the cat collar You can contact yourself. In fact, it is not a bad thing to have such an idea, but if you want to avoid the cats, you need to pay more attention in daily life. Do not dismiss the cat.
    FIG. From the Internet
    3) Mosquito repellent and deworming
    Don’t you feel a bit "chicken rib" with collar deck? I really want to repel deworming in the body and outside the body. It should be more reliable to go to a regular pet hospital. If mosquito is rampant, we must use it. When choosing a product, we need to rule out the toxic materials for cats, such as chrysanthemums, tea trees essential oil, etc. At the same time, choose integrated types to avoid sac (to prevent cats from bite and swallow).
    It from the Internet
    2 What are the harms of cats wearing collar?
    news that cats cause cats to die every year. When the shoveling officer is not at home, the collar may become a "life circle".
    1) Cat causing cats irritability
    animals like cats do not like too much hindrance to the body. Long -term wearing collar will affect their daily activities and perception ability, it will find a way to tear with mouth to tear and use it with mouth Pass away. There is even a bell ring, and the cat will make a noise every time the collar walks, which will only make the cat's state worse and worse.
    2) may cause cats to "suffocate"

    A small pets have seen a real thing on the Internet. Some netizens said that they accidentally worn the cat. When the collar, the cat suddenly accidentally hung up a handle when he jumped at home. Fortunately, at the time he heard the cat's scream at home, and the cat would probably suffocate and die in the evening ... Network
    3) Make cats suffering from "skin disease"
    The case of this situation varies from cats. If the cat's skin is a more sensitive one, once the shovel officer wears the collar, the cat may appear Allergic reactions to different degrees, such as inflammation, skin wear, pimples, etc. The material of some collars is poor or the cat's neck is thicker. Wearing collars for a long time can cause the hair at the neck to be polished, making the epidermis directly exposed.
    It from the Internet
    Seeing this, I must have a clear understanding of the "cat wearing collar". Finally, the little pet also reminds it:
    It if you have to wear The safety buckle that can be free, the cat will automatically bounce when it breaks free; choose a comfortable and durable item; adjust the size of the size, and keep the width of the two -handed finger width when wearing. Overall, cats wearing collars are definitely more disadvantages than benefits!

  4. Many cats raising cats now bring cat collars. The collar is one of the very common pet accessories, but is it really necessary for wearing a circle? Will it cause a cat's uncomfortable cat? In addition to the beauty, what do you need to pay attention to? Let's take a look at it together.
    The cats who accidentally lost their cats, and the owner would start looking for cats nervously. However, cats are very close, such as black cats or white cats, etc. When the cat's appearance does not have obvious features to recognize, the collar can be used as an auxiliary of recognition. If there is a collar on his body, passers -by can know that this is a cat that is raised, which can greatly increase the opportunity to recover! The collar can also be used to prove a small thing or providing basic information for the identity of the brand, the neck card of the rabies vaccine, etc. Although it is clearly stipulated that pets must be used for chips, the situation of the chip cannot be scanned from time to time, so most of the owners will still be used to helping them wear brand names or life -saving bombs. Essence
    The precautions for selecting collars for cats:
    1 If you still decide to help the cat wearing collar after thinking, then there are several points that need to be paid attention to:
    2 Do not choose the collar style of the bell as the format style The ringtone will make the cat feel dry.
    3 is best to choose a safety collar. The safety collar uses a safe buckle, and the cat can pull away a little hard. In case the cat is lost, when you can't find it in the short term, you don't have to worry that the collar will suffocate or injured the cat because of the growth.
    4 The material of the collar should also be careful. For example, the webbing may hook the cat's paw and a sharp claws on the top of the diamond may cause the cat to be injured and should be avoided.
    . Although cat slaves will feel that cats are so cute, but the collar is not comfortable to stand on the stand of the cat! The cat's neck is already easy to feel itchy, and you can often see that they can grab their necks when they are fine; if you find something blocking there when you want to catch your neck, I think everyone will feel unhappy? Wearing a collar on the neck can't enjoy the cat slaves, so most of the cats don't like to wear things around the neck. That dingling voice cat also doesn't love it! It is so close to the ears. As long as it moves, it will make a harsh sound, which makes the cat unhappy, so it is best not to bring the cat collar.

  5. It will not affect health. My cats sometimes have fleas, so I give it a flea removal ring. It has no effect if you restrain your freedom, you don't slip it, just relax the collar.

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