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  1. I also bought a weekly dog, ready to report pet shops
    Reporting routes
    1, dial 12345 government hotline
    reporting questions, whether merchants have business licenses, veterinary practice certificates, dog health vaccine certificates, sell The responsibility of the sick dog is to deceive consumers' behavior
    2, and call 110
    to find the police uncle to negotiate and tell them to deceive consumers, it is likely that there will This kind of merchant needs to be strictly checked to avoid more people to be
    3, report to the relevant health department
    to sell living dogs. Whether the pet store's sanitary environment is qualified, and consumers go to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant If the hygiene is unqualified, people will get sick when they eat it. Pet shops are unqualified, dogs are susceptible to disease. When they buy sick dogs, consumers are not only psychologically uncomfortable, but dogs are also suffered. Let the relevant departments check the pet store's hygiene and not meet the standard
    4, dial the 12315 rights protection hotline
    is still a little bit, you can only recognize the loss after buying a week. What you can do is to avoid more people and constantly complain about black hearts. Shop! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  2. This black -hearted shop generally exists. He couldn't do it long. You will close the door. There seems to be no relevant regulations to restrain them. What week is a dog week cat. Too much. It is more reasonable to find him to buy a cat. If you report it, find the Animal Association. Related departments that specialize in animals. Whether you can succeed depends on your evidence. If you say nothing, others may not believe you. Next time, be careful not to go to them. Tell relatives and friends, as the saying goes: good things can not go out, the scandal is passing thousands of miles. Let his shop be defeated. Close the door.

  3. For the local agricultural law enforcement brigade, they are responsible for investigating and dealing with illegal acts of pet hospital pet shops. You complain to them, they will file a case to help you check, and then call you to tell you the result. Here is the phone I have made by the Hangzhou Agricultural Law Enforcement Brigade (two choices): (because the phone is difficult to find, you can open this first, and then let them transfer or find the number, so it is easy to find)

  4. I am also from Lanzhou, and my cat was bought there. I just weaned it. People and I promised well. The cat's body was very healthy and everything was good. But a week later, it was found that its appetite was particularly bad, often did not eat, and fell out of the ear from the ear. I took it to the hospital for examination, and there were many parasites in the cat's ears and body. I was scared to me. My cat has been sleeping in bed. Then I took it to hit the droplets, wearing a insectial collar, buying a spray, and spent more than a thousand. The pet shop is too dark.

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