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  1. Cat sands are generally recommended to spread about 5 cm, and then the cat can be placed in the cat litter pot to familiarize it and feel the texture of the cat litter, and leave the smell. You can also put a small amount of urine or stool its excretion. The last step is to observe the habit of urination and urination. When the cat wants to excrete it, it takes it to the cat litter basin prepared in advance. Generally, cats are guided 3-5 times to learn to go to the toilet in the cat sand pot. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the cat litter every day.

  2. How to train cats to use cat litter pots
    On how to train cats to use cat litter pots. Cat sand pots are things that pet cats defecate inside. In daily life, many people cat pets are trained. Among them, training cats use it. Cat sand pot is a very important thing. Let me share how to train cats to use cat litter pots. Let's take a look.
    On how to train cats 1
    cat litter pot
    The owner of the cat sand basin if you do not train the cat after buying Although some cats are born with cat litter, even strong talents also require the guidance and training of the owner.
    The cats of cat sand pots are used by female cat churches. If the female cat does not teach the kitten, you may need to teach it. Put the cat sand pot in a place where the kitten is very convenient, but not too close to the bowl of its eating. Put some cat litter in the cat sand pot. Some cats prefer specific types of cat litter, such as shavings, wood particles or newspapers, mineral cat litter or garden soil.
    If sometimes your cat likes to go outdoors, you can mix some soil in the cat litter. Change the cat litter pot for each cat every day. But changing too frequently will make your cat error because the remaining odor will tell the cat how to use the cat litter pot. When the cat just wakes up or feeds, hold it into a cat sand basin because it needs "convenient" time. If the cat looks like looking for a place, he holds it into the cat sand pot again. If a cat is convenient, do not use amino cleaners, because this smell may attract cats back here.
    of course, there is no good cat litter basin to come to the reliability. It is recommended that Alice Iris fully enclosed two -way door cat sand pot. It has a full two -way spacious door design. Effectively prevent cat litter from splashing, hygienic and clean; made of high -quality PVC resin, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly; the top is equipped with one hand and deodorant, which is convenient to move, carry and effectively reduce the spread of the excrement. Cats to the toilet will also become a kind of enjoyment.
    On how to train cats to use cat litter pot 2 I. The principle of the placement of cat sand pots
    The first important principle of cats sand pot is not placed in the cat's rice bowl and water bowl nearby. Cats are well -known love cleanliness. They don't like to solve dietary problems near the toilet. If you put the cat sand pot next to the rice bowl and the water bowl, they may directly ignore the cat sand pot and turn to find it. Solve the problem of bowel movements.
    It, the cat sand pot should be placed in a quiet place, which will make the cat feel more secure. Generally speaking, a closed balcony or the bathroom of the master bedroom is a good choice. And the noisy washing machine or the wet water faucet is not an ideal place to place the cat sand pot. However, although the cat prefers to the toilet in a private place, the owner cannot put the cat sand pot in a completely invisible place. You must know that observing cats is also one of your compulsory courses, because many cat diseases can be from them. The defecation behavior was first seen, and the early discovery can be treated early.
    It, do not easily move the cat litter pot. Once the cat is familiar with the position of the cat litter, they will get used to this in and out route. The position of the cat litter basin will make the cat be confused. If you really want to change the position of the cat sand pot, then you must bring the cat to the position environment of the new cat sand pot so that they can know where to go to the toilet.
    . If your home is a duplex structure, then you better put a cat sand pot on each layer. Especially for elderly cats, the upper and lower stairs become more difficult than before. If the cat litter basin cannot be found in time, they will defecate directly on the floor.
    Finally, if there are other pets in the home, such as naughty dogs, then you also need to ensure that the placement of the cat sand pot is where the dog cannot touch, you can choose to use the fence, or use it for cats to use it for cats. The cat sand pot with lid.

    . How to train cats to use cat sand pots
    First of all, you need to figure out a question before training cats: Why don't cats use cat sand pots? There are many reasons why cats do not use cat litter pots, such as cat litter pots are dirty and not cleaned in time; it is not convenient to use cat litter pots too high. It is not used; cats are in estrus that they need to occupy the site and so on. If the above reasons may be eliminated, the cat really does not use cat litter pots. At this time, the owner needs to train the kitten toilet just born.
    again, follow the following principles of the cat sand pot: You should choose a place where the ventilation effect is better and quiet and private, and stay away from the cat's nest and utensils, because the cat is reluctant to it. To go to the toilet where you eat, the family balcony with a balcony is an ideal place to place a cat sand pot. Once the cat litter basin is placed, do not move its position easily.
    If the cat is excreted where it should not be excreted, the owner uses toilet paper to get the excreta into the cat sand pot. Hold the cat into the sand pot and let it smell his own excrement, and grab the cat's paw to plans the cat litter to cover the excrement. In addition, the cat's wrong stool must be cleaned up. Use the washing spirit or 84 disinfection solution to clean up. Do not leave the smell. Otherwise, the cat will excrete it again in the taste place.
    Finally, do not reprimand cats. Cats are more rebellious animals and may have rebellion. Instead, they must gently praise it when they teach cats to bury sand. Reward it. One of the important things to train the newborn kitten is based on the habit of the cat, instead of taking it for granted that this method is feasible. It should be remembered that cats and dogs are different. They are animals that are not memorized, so when cats do well, they must give appropriate rewards. After a few times, cats will learn to use cat litter pots.

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