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  1. Frozen dried; pet yogurt, cats have a loss of appetite in summer, and often can't eat things. You can consider buying a little pet probiotic for cats to eat. Now there is a pet yogurt specifically for pets. Cats also love to drink. Or meat mud strips; self -made food, if you want a cat to have appetite, it must be the food that cats are interested and like. If the frozen cat does not like to eat cat food or something, you can consider making some pets to eat some pets. Pets are made of fresh meat, nutritious and healthy, and the taste is also liked by cats. The frozen dried is staple food and snacks and snacks. If you plan to replace cat food, it is best to buy the nourishment and dryness. This is more balanced and can be used as a staple food to feed cats for a long time. If you plan to feed casually and give cats as snacks, you can consider buying cheaper snacks frozen and dry. Snack frozen and dry raw materials are single, generally single meat, which is not suitable for long -term staple food for cats. The amount of feeding every day should not be too much.

    This yogurt in summer cats are not appetizing in the summer. I often ca n’t eat things. You can consider buying a little pet probiotic for cats to eat. After conditioning the cat's gastrointestinal, the cat's appetite will increase. There is also a pet yogurt specifically for pets, and cats also love to drink. Yogurt has the role of conditioning gastrointestinal, promoting digestion and improving appetite, but there are too many additives in the yogurt of people, which is not suitable for pets. Pets are not the same. You can consider buying a little taste for the cat in the hot summer.

    Stoxar cans/meat mud strips in summer cats do not like to eat, but they will not refuse the temptation of delicious snacks. You can consider a week or ten days, solve the cat, feed a snack canned or meat mud strips to let the cat appetite. Canned snacks or snacks can not be eaten for cats every day, otherwise they will cause them. However, it is okay to give it once a week, which is also helpful for improving cat appetite and promoting their eating.

    This foods wanting cats to have appetite, that must be the food that cats are interested and like. The owner can cook some fish soup with less oil and salt for the cat, and then boil some minced meat with soup to the cat After eating, or grinding it with hawthorn, mix it in porridge or other foods for cats. You can also feed cats to eat foods such as honey water and old yogurt for cats and open the door of the cat's food industry.

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