5 thoughts on “What good names are scientific teams?”

  1. 1. Happy number

    Happy participation, happy growth!

    2, Smart Number

    The key of the command belongs to mine!

    3, group number


    5, flame number

    The people picking firewood high!

    6, purple horses

    7, music

    because of music, life becomes more beautiful!

    8, blue castle

    blue castle, the beginning of fate!

    9, flowers

    flowers bloom forever!

    10, snow white elves

    Elf! Forever!

    11, the smart group

    In two dreams of wings to fly to the wisdom paradise!

    12, happy fruit

    happy every day, happy to the end!

  2. The name of the experiment and the result of your own meaning of your own can only have some surfaces if we help you think ~

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